Friday, March 10, 2017

Smoke & Mirrors

A CHARACTER from a television series called Endeavour said: "There's no real magic in this world, only love - the rest is just smoke and mirrors."

There's probably truth in that sentiment but as someone who enjoys rummaging through the "smoke and mirrors", I'm posting a few pictures of things that I found bewitching recently.

I saw a red heart dangling on a tree branch on International Women's Day this Wednesday. I presume someone hung it there to honour the event. Their loving gesture reflected not only the global movement but the branches.

My camera unfortunately didn't catch the beautiful kaleidoscope of colours I saw mirrored in the droplets of rainwater that clung to the berries.

Twigs like sticks for witches wands barely had room for the coming leaves.

Deep shadowy worlds were reflected in the shallowest puddles after a rainfall.

It never fails to feel magical when walking down puddles of smokey clouds.

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  1. I see magic all around this post, penelope. Your words made me see “beautiful kaleidoscope of colors mirrored in the droplets” in the photo. The last image is so magical that I can see a new life of flowing clouds and twigs reflected in a heart puddle surrounded by the shattered pieces of glass.


  2. Wonderful reflections and I like that red heart!

  3. All very creative and bewitching photos ~ magnificent ~ thanks

    Wishing you a peaceful week ~ ^_^

  4. Intriguing and mystical shots. I enjoyed Endeavor and hope there will be a new season soon (assuming you're talking about the show about the young Morse).

  5. cool! Blueberry like berries that are not blueberries :)


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