Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sisters On International Women's Day, 2017

In honour of International Women's Day I'm posting a picture of my three beautiful sisters standing with me (I'm the smallest one at the front) after sunbathing on the roof of an apartment building in Montreal. The photograph has dimmed and discoloured over time. All three sister have since passed away. Each one was gifted, passionate and strong in her own special way. Each one knew sorrow and pain, great joy and laughter. Each left an impression on me.

Of course, my mother (who must have taken the picture) was the strongest of all. The roof was our beach that day and we were all having fun.

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  1. It's obvious from the snapshot that the big sisters loved and protected the baby of the family! My sisters are 11 and 12 years younger than I am and I hope they will remember me with as much love as you have for your older sisters.

  2. Great post! Nice to be visiting you once again. I have been reading from time to time the last while the blogs I follow and that was all the time I had. I am making time once a week to catch up with the blogs I follow. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is such a wonderful photo! Pride and love and fun are reflected in all of your faces, as is the special bond you and the next older sister shared. I can imagine your mother's heart was bursting with love as she took it. I am so sorry your sisters are no longer living but know their memories are alive and well in your heart.


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