Monday, February 27, 2017

Birds Of A Feather

A RECENT GIFT from a thoughtful friend made me smile. I love the idea of flight and the cedar eagle feather carved and painted by Vancouver Salish artist, Len McKay, reminds me of how easily my imagination can take wing.

A creative thought floats like a feather ... light, free and minus the baggage. It can lift me up over city streets, rolling hills, wind tossed seas and into the billowy clouds. My flights of fancy know no bounds.

Beautiful moments don't last forever, however. Even the camouflaging bird (above) came down to earth to forage for food.

Although I've yet to see birds in the bath (above) during my Crescent Beach walks, I suspect they do land there because we all enjoy bathing and sometimes singing in the showers.

From the busy bird below (painted by my daughter when she was small) to the cedar feather and thoughts about flying, ideas are free flowing and life is incrementally changing so never as wooden or stuck in a frame as it appears.

Later in the week I joined my daughter in Vancouver for a mother/daughter hair day. I've always loved the differing shades and flow of her hair which was the major inspiration for Penelope Puddle's unruly locks.

On our way to lunch we saw the unique representation of Nike the ancient Greek Goddess of Victory (below) by Pavlos Angelos Kougioumtzis.

Presented to the City of Vancouver to commemorate the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the winged statue regally stands amid skyscrapers.

We also peeked into a high-end furniture store and saw ornamental peacocks (above) sporting feathers that I hoped were synthetic.

When we returned to my daughter's apartment it was clear to me that we both love antique artifacts, pretty flowers and lights brimming with extra sparkle.

People around the globe have more in common than not. Everyone wants to feel safe and cozy in their homes and treated with respect during their travels.

We are all birds of a feather, indeed, especially my daughter and I since we both agree there's something quite magical about a reliable and resilient umbrella.

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  1. So much beauty in your series of photos this week. I particularly like the carved feather.

  2. All very creative photos ~ love the one of the gift given you ~ beautiful ~ that eagle feather carving is gorgeous! thanks,

    Wishing you a special week ~ ^_^

  3. Such lovely photos! Your daughter's flat is gorgeous.

  4. That exquisite painting was done when your "daughter was small" you say! Wow! I am blown away by its beauty, and while I am at it, by the "shades and flow" of her hair as well! Flying over the top of our troubles to a sweet, peaceful world is the gift of an active imagination, and mine sores along with you as you so kindly share the highlights of your wonderful day with your daughter.

  5. The carved feather, which has an exotic feel, looks like a magic wand to me. With the help of your imaginative ability and reliable, resilient umbrella, I think I know how you can be free to soar up. We need that power especially when we feel weak and small. Thank you for this inspirational post.


  6. I love the carving from your friend and great art by your daughter as a child. I enjoyed this post. I know how fun it is to spend time with a daughter.

  7. Something so special about a mother-daughter day; I love this post! Your daughter was an artist from a very young age --- I really loved that blue bird bathing. I am going to my Kindle Fire to look at Penelope's hair -- I've kind of forgotten because I haven't looked at the book since my great-grandson read it to me last summer.

    Umbrellas are magical -- I do remember that part ;>)

  8. What a beautiful, creative and imaginative site! I love faeries, flowers, and anything your imagination can come up with. I must admit though, I usually leave my umbrella at home (blush, blush) because I'm afraid I'll leave it somewhere!

  9. What a thoughtful gift indeed. And your daughter is very talented :)


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