Monday, March 14, 2016

Flying High ... But Not For Long

WINTER IS DEAD, I thought, until a sudden blast of wind appeared. It howled through the trees, snapped branches and swept the agitated sea onto the shore. The sky over Crescent Beach was a cloudy blur the day after the storm when the powerful winds started to sputter.

A cheery kite optimistically set off into the air where it bounced and swayed for several minutes. But it wasn't long before the wind stopped puffing and the kite fell gently to the beach floor.

When it landed in a headstand on the sand, it seemed a bit embarrassed.

A soft breeze blew the hapless kite onto its back. It's unblinking eyes gazed at the endless sky where it once soared so wonderfully high.

What goes up must come down ... but it is good to know that what comes down can go back up again.

Postscript 20/03/2016: Thanks to blogger Sallie at Full Time Life I learned the wide-eyed character depicted on the kite is a Minion appearing in several animation movies. Minions are followers that live to serve a master, which through unintended consequences, they ultimately destroy. They are super cute, lively, talk gibberish and can be seen in action HERE.

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  1. What a cheerful kite! I hope spring is on its way for you - and us!

  2. Nice set of series of the kite. I can not decide if I like the first or second image best.

  3. Delightful post! Lovely images :)

  4. I like to accompany my grandchildren’s kite flying but haven’t seen such a pleasant-formed kite around here. I hope the kite will fly high again by catching the second wind when it comes along. I like to think that when there is a gust of wind, “Neko-bas (Catbus)” (from My Neighbor Totoro) might be running around, because it arises wind as it moves so fast and it is invisible to adults.

  5. Fun photos, Poor minion kite landed on his head. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  6. Delightful kites shots ~ we have days of spring and days of winter ~ tis the nature of March it would seem ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. The kite was a perfect photo subject! I love when it looked a little sad that it crashed! What fun! The weather has been so terrible lately, your kite was cheery.

  8. Kites are so much a part of spring and what a cute kite you found!

  9. Poor Minion! (I think that is what the kite is and I only know that because my great-grandsons have those toys and games, from a movie I think).

    Happy Early Spring! I love(d) that seasonal change when we lived in the PNWest. Nothing noticable here in subtropical SW Florida, other than longer daylight hours.

  10. What a fun kite. Looks good flying and standing on its head.


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