Sunday, March 6, 2016

Walk Into Spring With My Magic Umbrella

LUSCIOUS drops splattered onto our new umbrella. It was a comfy cover over my husband's shoulders as he walked down the seaside path.

The rain magically transformed white butterflies into rainbow shades.

My husband took a picture of me standing under the umbrella while I watched a bird that is common to the Crescent Beach area.

The heron, often drawn to the same spot, settled comfortably on the rock as if it had just landed in its favorite easy chair.

When the rain stopped, the umbrella dried and its rainbow colors faded.

I wondered how the process worked and learned that hydrochromic white ink or paint is applied over previously painted art that remains hidden until the ink covering gets wet. See how it is done HERE.

Rain not only revealed hidden hues in the umbrella, it trickled life into the barest of trees and nudged the spring in me that needed reviving.

Blooms were materializing throughout the neighborhoods of southwest BC. Some looked fragile ... their petals already dropping.

Winter, like hydrochromic ink, can make all the brightest colors disappear. But the blossoms were back now, wearing pink frilly skirts puffed out like popcorn.

These buttery yellow blooms attracted insects.

A splashy spring needs plenty of rain ...

but sunny daffodils reminded me that the rays are also needed.

If blossoms could talk, the little poem below by author A.A. Milne expresses what they might have said during our walk:

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
"Winter is dead.”

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  1. I love your umbrella and fantastic shots from your walk.

  2. I loved your umbrella and all these great photos! The flowers were beautiful but I think your umbrella stole the show :)

  3. How magical! You could be lifted up by the flap of wings of the rainbow butterflies on a rainy day. Looks like your world is transformed into colors with each rain. In my place, winter seems to have its final farewell gesture as 10 degrees C is forecasted toward the weekend after these days’ spring-like warmth.

  4. Hello, I like your cute umbrella shots. The Gb Heron is a pretty bird and your blossoms are gorgeous. Lovely post from your world. Happy Monday,enjoy your week ahead!

  5. Between the butterflies and the umbrella, it looks like a take-of. I love the white blossoms.

  6. I love every single thing in this post. Especially that wonderful magic umbrella (with that umbrella, you CAN anything!) . And the daffodils , my favorite flower ,( or at least they used to be when we lived where they grew) ... It's really a beautiful post, Maria, and I thank you for it.

  7. Wow! Very spring time photos and all very beautiful! Love that umbrella ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  8. What gorgeous blossoms out already. Love the photo of the front door, and the brollies as well.

  9. What a wonderful brolly - and those blossoms are ever so pretty.

  10. It's spring - and how lovely it is too! Love your butterfly umbrella.

  11. I just love, no really love that umbrella.

  12. I rarely use an umbrella even though we get lots of rain too. I usually pull the hood on my jacket over my cap and let it go at that. You jacket reminds me of the one my mom wore for years. A nice memory flash for me. - Margy


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