Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lofty Ideals Waiting To Be Hatched

THE GULL at Crescent Beach standing on a large egg-shaped stone etched with words about spring reminded me of the traditional Easter egg hunts going on throughout local communities. Children gleefully search for chocolate eggs and bunnies in a world where the most optimistic goals have yet to be hatched.

The religious holiday and spring are about rebirth and transformation. Peace on earth, especially nowadays, seems like a lofty ideal, although it is still true that forgiveness, love and kindness can move even the stoniest of hearts.

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  1. So true your words today on how it is in this world of ours. I wish more peace all over the world. Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend! Love your images!! By the way, I used one of your cards recently for a friend's birthday. She loved it! I still have two left.

  2. I wish that the lofty ideals we share could become reality. Happy Easter!

  3. Nice and inspiring post when people (especially in Belgium) must be spending Easter in somber mood. I believe “forgiveness, love and kindness can move even the stoniest of hearts” is so true to “a man” but sadly doesn't seem to “men in a group”.


  4. Wonderful post and photography ~ creative presentation!

    Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

  5. Funny that bird sitting on the egg and wise words Lets hope there will be be more and more forgiveness love and kindness in the world

  6. Hello, wonderful post and photos. I wish for peace in the world. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!


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