Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pieces Of White Rock In South Surrey

I STEPPED onto a ceramic mosaic depicting the historic Marine Drive portion of White Rock while visiting the Semiahmoo Mall in neighbouring Surrey. The tiles mingled with the bricks on the sidewalk.

This could, in fact, be the only way Surrey gets a piece of White Rock which has resisted merging with the larger city surrounding it on three sides.

It was difficult to capture the mosaic at my feet in its entirety because of the shadows and washed out effect of the noon day sun.

The design, by an unnamed artist, looked about five feet across. I took its picture bit by bit.

It has been ages since a steam locomotive came through town to pick up passengers. Nowadays, trains going by are largely freight and the Amtrak, neither of which stop at the former train station that is currently a museum.

I don't recall hearing about elephants (right upper corner in picture above) coming to town. I suspect this was a moment of whimsy by the artist.

Many more cars cruise along Marine Drive nowadays.

The increase in traffic inspired recent talk about closing off a portion of Marine Drive from cars to make it fully pedestrian. Although unlikely to happen any time soon, this could be a possibility in the distant future.

What never changes is the love of sand, sea and sun. This part of the mosaic shows people at the beach decades ago.

The ocean shore has changed very little over time. However, the once laid back City of White Rock has had a huge increase in train and car traffic. Small cottages have been replaced by palatial homes, towering apartments and bulky condos. The one thing that has gotten a bit skimpier is the bathing suit attire.

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  1. These are truly amazing and so fun and colorful!! Terrific captures!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous mosaics and wonderful photography!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. Fun whimsical way to learn some history. You did a great job catching that mural.

  4. They tell a great story. You did a wonderful job of capturing the scene for us all to enjoy.

  5. What a great mural - it seems as everywhere is changing these days, and not for the better. I feel like a grumpy old man...

  6. Walking on history! What fabulous mosaics!

  7. I loved the look of the mural, great photos!

  8. Nice to have a glimpse into the history of White Rock with such a lovely public art. I like the design and the color of the ceramic tiles – blue, navy, purple, yellow, brown, and so on, and the artist’s whimsical part. You did a great job photographing them, Maria.


  9. I see you really did step into the history of the area. I wonder if more people will notice it on the ground than they would if it were on a wall.

  10. Lovely photos, and I love all the details and vintage here!

  11. I am really curious about the elephant, Maria :) Your wonderful photographs inspire a lot of thought and some memories as well. My mother saved her spare change all year long so that we could spend one week each summer at a cottage on Plattsburgh Beach, about an hour's drive across the border from our Quebec home to N.Y. I'm thinking, even then, they must have been more expensive than $6 per week. And, changes! I was thinking about that just this morning. As I get older, I find it just a little harder to adapt to society's changes. Yet, I wouldn't return to those times. For one thing, your beautiful blog would not exist :)


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