Monday, September 14, 2015

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

ODD TO SEE a kitchen chair on the sandy floor at the beach I thought. Odder still that it faced the path where people walk, rather than the ocean. I take this route at Crescent Beach often so the new sight caught my attention.

As I got closer I saw a tiny painted shell on the chair with a message. It seemed a caring person hoped to inspire passersby.

It said, "Do more of what makes you happy."

It is hard to argue with that unless eating cake and ice cream all day long is your favourite thing to do.

The mystery deepened and the message became less clear two days later when I found the shell replaced by sunglasses (pictured below) and the chair moved to the opposite side of the same beach.

Hundreds of bright red rose petals, encircled by seaweed, mingled with crushed seashells and countless grains of sand. What could it all mean?

When I returned the following day, I found the sunglasses replaced by a phone number of the person who took them scrawled on the seat of the chair. For the first time I noticed sticks amid the seaweed framing the flower petals with the shape of a heart. Something compelled me to place the chair within the heart.

When I sat on the chair, it felt a bit magical and even transformative being there amidst the petals, sand and sparkling sea.

After a day of heavy downpour, I went back to the same spot. Seaweed, flower petals and sticks mixed with the grainy sand, tattered by the rain and ebb and flow of the tide. Although the chair had vanished, its fleeting moment of enchantment could still be felt along the damp beach floor.

Later, the seashell message still tugging at my imagination, I drew a note with my wishes and sat it on the chair that now stands in the unknown somewhere.

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  1. How lovely! And such a good message.

  2. What a delightful photo and message besides! Thanks! Love it!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. Hello, what a lovely message. It does seem like an odd place for a chair like that, but you can sit and enjoy the view. Lovely coastline and images. Have a happy new week ahead!

  4. At first I thought, hey that's like my kitchen chair. And then I read about the shell. Loved the thought behind this. Thank you :)

  5. Things like that fascinate me. How did it get there?

  6. Wonderful to find such a message on a shell!
    Thanks for your visit.
    My grandson enjoyed doing this puzzle. We did it together. It is not so difficult as each piece is numbered.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  7. This must mean more. Someone is having creative fun with the chair and other props.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  8. I hope you tell us what happens next. :) I'm curious!

  9. How imaginative, both the creator and you, Maria! Interpretation is up to the passers-by. I like it when the art message changed day by day and you placed the chair in the heart. I wonder what's next? Looks like something interesting, maybe strange but pleasant, taking place at the bay from time to time. Thanks for your curious eyes to find them to report us nicely.


  10. Well, isn't this just the most wonderful post!! I think the last couple of years have taught me, though it was probably my inclination anyway, to spend as much time as possible doing things that make me/us happy. But there are never too many reminders about such an important life attitude. I'm curious about the shell leading to the sunglasses and then to the phone number. Was part of the idea that people exchange items, I wonder? Did you consider calling the phone number? Absolutely love the chair inside the heart and the "magical" feeling you experienced when you took time to sit and enjoy the group project.

  11. What a wonderfully amazing magical happening. This is a lovely happy post.

  12. What an intriguing experience Love it And love the pictures. I love the inspirational message as well. A very wise one. I hope your wishes come true.:)


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