Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cardboard Boat Race At Crescent Beach

THE EXCITEMENT of children and families gathering along the sandy shore with watercrafts in tow that perhaps were once cardboard boxes was quite a surprise. Each day brings something new to our walks but this was the first cardboard boat race we stumbled upon at Crescent Beach or anywhere.

The dozen or so boats had individual themes and names. Each one was beautifully done and I am sorry I did not manage to get pictures of them all.

An event such this must take considerable planning and engagement with children by imaginative can-do parents. Creating something from scratch and seeing it applied is one of the best ways to learn. The project combined sports, artistry and construction to build a well-rounded sense of accomplishment.

Soon the race along the shallow shoreline to the pier (about 200 yards away) would begin. Lifejackets were strapped on and lifeguards positioned themselves close by.

The Seahorse was ready to sail.

Black Pearl was sure to have a good start.

Pirates dodged sea creatures and were one of the first to arrive at the pier.

The colourful ketchup bottle made a big splash with its towering design.

The military boat was built for success.

Seahorse was valiantly building up speed.

A birthday boy was in one boat. What a cool way to celebrate turning seven.

Although some children were accompanied by grownups, the two Hawaiian-themed girls (top photo) braved the sea on their own.

They circled round and round, eventually finding the rhythm of their oars.

The boat pictured in the forefront looked invincible.

Here is a better look at the sunshine boat.

The boat with two boys and a big baby bird ...

made a good showing at the pier.

I suppose this grownup superhero was learning that the lighter the load the better the chances of the boat not sinking.

From superhero to super sandwich ... who would not love a pickle to help out at the end of the race?

Some boats survived to race another day but most probably did not.

No worries if soaked paper boats crumpled like beached whales. This neighbourhood experience was more about building happy memories that would stick with these families for a lifetime.

For those thinking of building their own cardboard boat, I found a site online that gives some good tips HERE.

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  1. Oh what fun. The planning,construction,painting and anticipation of the race must have got everyone involved one way or another.

  2. Oh such fun and gorgeous photography and love the water and wonderful colors!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. Now that looks like a whole lot of fun to watch and for the people taking part. Great photos!

  4. Looks like all concerned had a splashingly good and fun day! (I wondered whether your blog might have been temporarily re-titled "Penelope Paddlisms"!!)

  5. GREAT fun and community spirit! Even if the boats did not survive to float another day they do live on in your photos.

  6. I like all the photos of yours, Maria, about this wonderful event full of people’s imagination, creativity, challenging and adventuresome spirit, co-operation, and lots of fun. Cardboard boat is so cool. My husband and I had talked about making a playhouse out of cardboard boxes for the little grandchildren.


  7. How fun! I would have loved to see this :) thanks for sharing :)

  8. Looks like most of them floated quite well. Very colorful and looked like great fun.

  9. That just plain looks like the most fun a kid could possibly have on a summers day! I want to take my great grandsons ....they'd love it. ( not gonna happen, I wish there was something like that closer to us! )

  10. What fun! I would love to participate in something like this, but I suppose it would be tougher to build a cardboard boat for big adults. lol. Great photos and storytelling. Thank you!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


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