Sunday, June 10, 2012

Changes & No Changes In My World

I WAS WISHING my recent visit to New Westminster was due to something more enjoyable than an appointment with an eye specialist to follow up on the laser surgery I had last year to repair tears to my retina. It was raining hard so a lot of people brought umbrellas that they parked on chairs in the waiting room. Each umbrella seemed to say something about its owner and I sensed a cheery attitude in the gloomy gray of one woman's selection.

Earlier at the parking lot it was impossible not to notice a monster hole nudging the side of what looked to be a lovely old heritage home. I can't remember what was there previously. But it is not unusual to see construction transformations everywhere.

I'm guessing that soon there will be a very tall highrise next to the small wooden structure similar to those in the background. The house clinging to its little patch of earth (photo, 2011) reminded me of my retina trying to stay attached to the back of the eye wall.

The doctor saw no change or worsening of my condition so it was a pleasant ride home in the rain. Gazing out the window I recalled similar weather during a previous visit. The rain is constant as are the mail carriers (pictured above) in their bright yellow coats who let "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night ... " stop them from getting a letter to its destination. Technology has made communications so swift, however, that this traditional method is fondly referred to as "snail mail". Changes amid the sameness are inevitable.

I have also made changes to my blogging and will spend much of my time at Postcards From Penelope Puddle. Hopefully folks who have links to me now will visit me there. It is refreshing to create an alternate space like a different room in a house attached to the same place.

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  1. Going to check out the new blog.
    Enjoyed the New Westminster photos.
    Luv, K

  2. I was wondering why you have not posted lately. I will only comment on yours today and catch up later in the week with other blogs and my blog. I cannot sit long as I am in pain with the sciatic nerve. Will bookmark your other blog once I can sit long enough at my computer.

  3. I'm glad your eye appointment went well. I find it hard sometimes seeing construction all over and old homes torn down. As always, I enjoyed your shots and commentary.

  4. I'm pleased your appointment went well. I'm intrigued by your photos as you seem to always make them interesting even in dreary light. Magic, I think.

  5. I am happy to hear that your appointment went well...our sight is so important.

    What a shame they are tearing down all the old houses...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. Interesting comment on the umbrellas!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. I'm so happy all went well with your appointment!! Wonderful news! I, too, hate to see so many things being torn down, but that seems to be the sign of the times these days! Hope you have a great week!!


  8. So glad your doctor's visit turned out well. Change unfortunately is inevitable but it is still sad to see the landmarks of our youth disappear.

  9. "No change" is definitely wonderful news, Penelope! I reread the post for your last trip to the Retina Surgical Clinic. In it, you compared your light shows, floaters and tears to the impressionistic painting formed by rain rivulets on the windshield. That image was a strong one that stayed with me. This time, the idea of your retina being like the house clinging to its little patch of earth was equally vivid. Your way of seeing and describing your world is truly unique. Yes, changes are inevitable, but my hope is that your retina will continue to hold fast, even if the house must eventually let go. Thank you for passing on your great news in such a creative and fascinating way.

  10. Your comments can bring cheer despite the weather. The photo and comment of the umbrella is a real gem. Glad to hear the eye appointment went well.

  11. Your comparison of detaching retina with the small house clinging to the plot is interesting, penelope. I didn’t know you had retinal tear last year. Nice to know now things are all right with your eye. Rainy season has set in here and I enjoy going out with my colorful umbrella.

  12. I am pleased to hear your appointment went well. Sorry, I did not respond sooner.

  13. It is so good to hear everything about you eye is OK.
    A pleasure in a rainy day is to see waving umbrellas. In Japanese expression, we say “Flowers of umbrellas are open”. It is amazing as each person has each different umbrella, telling us owner’s personality. It’s the beautiful umbrella in your photo!
    I am wondering whether young people write love letters. If they do, is it a fast mail or a snail mail? Sometimes for me everything is going too fast.
    Have a great weekend!


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