Monday, May 21, 2012

Uplifting Day At Crescent Beach

CRESCENT BEACH IS a seaside community in South Surrey, BC, that maintains a village feel. Aside from a few shops and restaurants, the ocean rolling in and out of the spongy muddy bay is the main attraction.

With accessible pathways ribboning the shoreline, the area is a great place to take scenic strolls year round. Early May, however, was the perfect time to visit there with Carol, Bill and Black Jack from bikesbirdsnbeasts. Pets like Black Jack are not permitted at some beach locations during late spring and summer. I was glad we got there just under the wire.

In the picture above, Carol looks like Penelope with her windswept hair. I have met a few people with personas that remind me of my fictional character. Carol is one of those with her zest for life and bright outlook.

Many people and pets have discovered Crescent Beach. But in the early years the area was mostly a summer retreat for folks from New Westminster who built small summer cottages there. As a result, there are also plenty of cozy alleyways with backyard fences to explore and puppies eager to say hello.

Some backyard fences send a message without obstructing the view.

Others I needed to peer through.

On this fence, a grandfather proudly displays handprints of his grandchildren. At the bottom left corner of the plaque is a tiny handprint of the newest arrival.

There was much to be found on the ground.

Black Jack was curious and investigated interesting places lower down.

I stepped over flowers that rested their heads on rough pathway pillows.

At the beach, a shell was pinned like a butterfly to the sandy floor.

Horses silhouetted into view lending a sense of adventure to the scene.

The local pier was behind a curtain of branches drenched with blossoms.

The wind swept a chill over the water.

This surfer with Strong & Free tattooed on his chest wasn't feeling the cold.

The young men clung to surfboards that looked like large freshly caught fish. The tide was out and there were no big waves but that did not stop them from venturing out onto the water.

It was early in the season and few people in the neighborhood were sunning or shading themselves. These starter plants on the patio were the only signs of life under this umbrella.

Carol (above photo) does not hesitate to venture out on her own when something catches her eye on the horizon. Click here to see her unique perspective of our day.

It was uplifting to explore Crescent Beach with the bikesbirdsnbeasts trio from Vancouver where, last year, I visited their favorite haunts. Most recently, however, I have been at my computer starting another blog Postcards From Penelope Puddle where I will share new adventures and local sights.

To enjoy more sights from around the globe visit Our World.

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  1. What a delightful tour of Crescent Beach. I enjoyed all of the shots and smiled at the Grandparent displaying the grandchildren's hand prints.

  2. Maria, thanks so much for posting these lovely shots...I can smell the salt air on the breeze.

    Feeling just a little homesick lately, don't know why. But reading the posts of the lower mainland bloggers really helps out.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. A lovely tour of Crescent Beach indeed! What a wonderful looking place to spend some time! I, too, love the Grandparent's display of their grandchildrens hands!! Really delightful captures for the day! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Beautiful and fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. What a perfect day!

  6. Crescent Beach is a super place to wander with Carol and Black Jack, and I also loved poking through the ally ways to see what we could find.

  7. Crescent Beach looks like a wonderful place. Thanks for the fun tour!

  8. Looks like a dream of a place, my friend. You are one great photographer.

  9. Thanks for letting us join you for a spring day at the beach.

  10. I think I know how you love the Crescent Beach (lovely name!) as you take up a subject from there for your post from time to time. I enjoyed this tour with you being interested in what captured your heart and how you shoot it as always. I feel as if my hair smelled salty soaked in the air of Crescent Beach.

  11. Well, Maria, I must first say that I feel deeply honoured that you see any "Penelope" in me. Perhaps, learning about her through your wonderful blog has helped to impart something of her spirit, and if so, well, that makes me very happy indeed! I in turn see so much of the Penelope outlook in YOUR persona that, in fact, I refer to you as Penelope at least as often as I do, Maria. Hm.. :)

    I loved seeing and reading about your perspective of our day. That second photo, with Wisteria forming an arch over the seascape really highlighted the scenic beauty, and another HUGE favourite was the shell, "pinned like a butterfly to the sandy floor." I could SEE that butterfly in your photograph. The horse silhouettes, "our" surfers framed by fluffy clouds, and my own "Penelope" shot were all eye-openers in our similar and simultaneously differing viewpoints. I will remember our day and this post with great fondness. Thank you so much for showing us a part of your magical world.

  12. As the name suggests, I imagine this beach is a beautiful dream-like place where everybody feels happy. While looking at your photos, I feel happy too.

  13. How long is the surfing season? Ours is quite short, the cold currents from Antartica. My son's wet suit is hardly used.

  14. Hi Ann, Different styles of surfing are available year round in southwest BC where winters are warmer than in the rest of Canada. This is particularly true around the Long Beach area of Vancouver Island where there is open sea. To contrast, Crescent Beach (that I talk about in this post) is in a bay area on the Mainland so waves here are modest by comparison in summer/spring and sometimes at their best during the windy fall and winter seasons. I think your son would get more use of his wetsuit here. :)

  15. Beautiful pictures, really enjoyed seeing Carol and Black Jack too.

  16. Looks like a good time was ha by all. With gorgeous weather as well.


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