Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wheee!!! Diving Into Davis Bay

SWIMMING FROM PIER TO pillar was a joy for these kids but nerve racking for the onlookers who saw the dangers. Although such activities can cause accidents, these haphazard dives into Davis Bay were pure fun.

We watched youngsters leap in the air without a care during a recent trip to visit family in Sechelt that started with a BC Ferry trip from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Langdale from where we drove past the Davis Bay pier.

The pillars were like a jungle gym with clusters of kids climbing up them.

Pier reflections glistened in crystal clear waters.

Pebbles gleamed on the beach floor.

The water mirrored its environment, from sky blue to forest green hues. Heading back from the wharf we saw the shore and ...

grasses prettily bordering the walkway.

There was a sign (click on photo for detail) with information about Davis Bay Wharf in the early years when children then, too, likely jumped off the pier with carefree abandon.

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  1. Hi — Wonderful photos. I sure couldn't jump like that any more. Wow!
    I'm glad you were able to get up to Sechelt.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Love the water pictures, especially the one with water over pebbles. The kids look as if they are having a blast, but I bet the water is cold. Thanks for taking us on this trip.

  3. Wow, Penelope! I seem to remember driving by that spot and noticing kids walking along those pillars and then diving. I had a moment of worry but saw lots of adults, and so put that feeling aside. Your photos really bring out the complete abandon the kids feel as they leap into the air. Beautiful to see that, and I enjoyed reading about the history as well.

  4. Beautiful shots and that looks like so much fun. I used to jump off a bridge (part of a road) when I was a teen into the water at a small fishing village where my parents had a vacation house. It was not a legal activity but was fun. As an adult I shudder to think about the dangers but it was a blast when we did it.

  5. Can you remember doing things like this as a youth, where adults looked on and worried, even though they did the same thing when they were young?

    I want to jump and splash in the water like these looks like they are having so much fun, without any of the squeamishness some kids have about 'things' in the water!

    I love your photo with the pebbles under pretty and bright! Thanks for taking us along..xx

  6. I enjoyed seeing the fun photos of kids enjoying summer.

  7. This must be a popular spot for abandoning all fear!

  8. The jumping into the water shots are excellent. Itried to take photos like that.


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