Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gathering August Clouds

THESE GHOSTLY CLOUDS followed us down the road as we sped home after seeing the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie when it opened in Langley, BC, earlier this month. Big and billowing, the floating army chased us all the way into Surrey without seeming to change its shape.

I recognized similar "snout" formations on the conjoined clouds over Jericho Beach in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver when I visited there this month.

These clouds in Sechelt, BC, were harmless but their funnel shapes reminded me of the dark and dangerous tornadoes some eastern parts of North America recently experienced.

Their numbers seemed to multiply in the bright blue summer sky.

From another direction, Sechelt clouds swirled into circles that reminded me a little of the milky way.

These clouds were framed by the Granville Street Bridge that hovers over Granville Island in Vancouver. I took the photograph earlier this week when I met blogger Stephanie who was visiting from Comox, BC. I will write about our meeting at a later date.

Also framed by the same bridge at Granville Island, this cloud picture was taken at the start of August during my meeting with talented and prolific Vancouver photographer and writer, Carol, from bikesbirdsnbeasts.

Clouds filled the skies throughout the month. They gave the horizon delightful moods, painting the sky with picturesque and sometimes "scary" textures.

You can see more skies from around the globe at Skywatch Friday.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Penelope my dear, all of them! Isn't it wonderful to watch cloud shapes? When Clint and I were little, we'd lie on our backs on the lawn for hours, finding animals and trees in the sky.
    I'm just preparing my SkyWatch post now, waiting for pictures to load.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Excellent and interesting cloud formations you've managed to capture.

  3. beautiful photos...the first one is my favorite!

  4. What gorgeous, awesome clouds you have today, Penelope! Really fascinating formations! Don't you love it when you can capture ones like these!!! Fantastic! Happy SWF! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. These are all wonderful shots. The first one is my favorite. I love those ghostly clouds.

  6. what wonderful skies you live under

  7. Wow, the clouds are facinating, so many shapes. I think the little funnel like clouds are very intriguing.

  8. Great shots, especially the first one, quite spectacular.

  9. What a lovely collection of clouds!


    A man who looked up at the sky
    Saw ravens and clouds flying by.
    He had to look up,
    The sky filled his cup—
    He’s my kind of sky-watching guy!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Pearl Harbor sky

  10. Beautiful and ever-changing formation of the clouds is fun to see. Our typical summer clouds are cumulonimbus towering high up to the zenith of the sky, which surely cause downpour in the evening. My favorite is the first photo where I feel clouds are moving toward me. Nice collection of the clouds’ images. Have happy days ahead, Penelope.


  11. These are excellent sky watch photos. Hope you enjoyed Planet of the Apes. I loved it.

  12. Andy, I was amazed by the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes and think that the expressive Andy Serkis who played Caesar with the help of digital techniques should win the “best actor” award. :)

  13. Hi Penelope,
    This is a beautiful post, such grand pics... Loved them all, my favorite one is the first one though...
    Have a fabulous weekend:)

  14. Penelope, I love the first image. Excellent skywatch post.
    Joyce M

  15. Beautiful cloud photos. Definitely the kind that my camera loves to take pictures of. I especially like the clouda framed by the bridges.

  16. Nice photos, especially I like the first one.


  17. Great pictures The top cloud formaton is absolutely stunning. I see that you already met a couple of bloggers. What a great experience.

  18. In the last few weeks, the cloud formations all over our neck(s) of the woods have been spectacular, and your photographs really highlighted that. Strange that some days, the skies have gone from cloudless to not in what has felt like seconds. One thing made me smile in this post. I have to straighten many of my photographs, either because of my "crooked" eye, or sometimes, because I want to capture a particular image, and completely forget that the horizon is on a slant. Your Jericho photograph had me marvelling that one more connection in our travels has emerged:) Oh.. and I'm really looking forward to seeing your turtle photograph. Thanks for the morning smile, Penelope!

  19. That opening photograph just melts at my heart, so lovely!


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