Monday, March 7, 2011

Feast For Body & Soul In Whalley

MY WORLD included a recent trip into the Whalley community of North Surrey, BC, for an appointment. I noticed a pretty church there and could not resist taking its picture. The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Mary stands alone alongside an empty lot. A highrise looks down at it from a distance. This relatively small church has an aura of historical charm.

The design of steeples and domes give it a European flair. It looks like a gem amid its more contemporary surroundings. But in contrast to the early church structures of Europe, it is far from ancient.

Although the land it stands on was purchased in 1947, the church was constructed several years later and did not open its doors until 1964. It was registered as a heritage site in 1998.

I have not yet stepped inside this charming church. But online research shows its membership is very active in the community. Not only does the parish provide a feast for the soul, it also provides food for the body. Traditional Ukrainian dinners are available to the public at the adjacent hall (pictured at the link) the last Friday of most months. Perogies, borscht and cabbage rolls are currently sold Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm, whetting the appetite for entering the hall doors.

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  1. Such a pretty church with beautiful decorative motifs on the doors.

  2. Beautiful photos, my friend.
    The borscht, perogies and cabbage rolls sound wonderful, although 10am sounds a little early, so I won't suggest we go there next time I visit.
    Today, my sibling down the street from you turns 43. Doesn't time fly?
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. What a lovely, delightful church! I love that it looks so different from other buildings in the area. Your photos are awesome! Always fun to find something unexpected like this! Hope you have a great week! Enjoy!


  4. Such a charming church. Wish I lived nearer as I m a sucker for perogies, cabbage and borscht!

  5. That's a lovely building - I wouldn't have expected it to be so "young" !

  6. It is indeed a gem of a building. I like traditions and appreciate different cultures. It is fantastic to try different foods and it opens doors for tolerance towards different faith and cultures. I think we need this urgently to let the world survive in peace and happiness for all people on this planet.
    Your photos are delightful.

  7. Yes irresistible architectural details of the church. Very well captured.

  8. Beautiful. The architecture is very unique.

  9. The blue and white and silver play beautifully with the light to create an almost liquid illusion.

    That's cool the church is active and busy. Feeding people traditional foods is a great ministry. It's good to invite people outside the familiar--or back into the once familiar.

  10. I think I know how you couldn't resist taking pictures of such a lovely and fascinating church. I feel as if getting closer and closer to the church with you, and I see the shadow of you shooting in the second photo. I like to see different style of architecture from culture to culture. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a charming church! Love the shape and white wooden boards. Great shots.

  12. Penelope, how nice that you've written about this little church, and your photos are gorgeous! I've always loved this gem nestled in the midst of the otherwise-drab Whalley!

    I've not managed to see inside yet either, but did get to taste their cabbage rolls and perogies when someone brought them to a dinner I attended...very yummy. I may go down this weekend to pick some up, and have a peek in the church at the same time!

    Thanks for this great post...:)


  13. This church has some interesting contrasts - almost like a 'little white church in the dell' but with those wonderful domes.

    I would be heading in there for those perogies and borscht!

  14. There is a sweet charm and simplicity to your photographs of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Mary that brings back a long ago memory when I worked for a couple of seasons teaching band at a Ukrainian Community Centre in Montreal. An enjoyable and very interesting post, Penelope. I hope you do go inside for a look-see and a taste of the perogies, borscht and cabbage rolls:)

  15. Your photos are wonderful! The church does look much has a timeless look.

    Traditional Ukrainian cooking is so good! I'd be there a lot, if I lived a little closer.

  16. It is a pretty little church. We have one close to where I live too but I"m not sure if they sell the perogies ;-)

  17. Thank you for your visit to tell me your concerns. You're so kind and sweet. I'm praying for the people involved.

  18. Thank you, aka penelope, for your visit and a comment.

    I took those reflection photos a day before the earthquake. Who could know such a catastrophe happen somewhere in Japan the next day? Let’s enjoy each moment when possible, being thankful for what we have and what we are.

    Though safe and sound for my family, many people in that region are suffering losses. I’m so sad.

    Yoko alias stardust, Japan


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