Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blown Away By Double Rainbows

HOW DOES ONE CAPTURE THE WIND in a photograph? Scattering leaves when the breeze whips through trees or an inverted umbrella rolling down the street provide visuals of its unseen power. Recently, my windsock captured the wind that briskly blew over Surrey. In fact, I discovered two windsocks thanks to the reflection of the original on my patio glass door. My double rainbow reminded me of the well-known video that went viral.

I wasn't quite as excited as the man in the video. But it was fun to watch my windsock being flung about in the breeze.

I stepped outside to record its many movements.

The simple windsock conveyed a mood for every motion as it swam the sky.

Sometimes it looked as if it had legs and would run away.

When it couldn't find freedom or get unstrung it got frazzled.

Mostly, however, it performed a buoyant dance with its mirror image.

My worn out windsock eventually escaped from its partner in the glass. Peering down from the roof above, it seemed to say, aha free to rest at last!

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  1. Oh, I could just feel myself on the deck with you and the windsock. Thanks for the lovely visit. It was great while it lasted.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Colorful and playful reflection! The wind can perform magic at times. And that's a beautiful little church in your previous post.

  3. What a funny photo's of the windsock. You can see all different figures in it indeed.

  4. Fun shots of the windsock in the wind and great reflection. I'm not surprised the windsock was exhausted and climbed up on the roof for a rest. :)

  5. How interesting each photo is so unique. The windsock sure is having fun dancing in the wind. Love the window reflection.

  6. The Japanese call this wind sock a carp.


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