Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Gets Snow Struck

MY WORLD is shivering from its coldest February in decades. Kitsilano like many areas in southwest BC was visited by snowfall last Saturday. Many streets in this quaint Vancouver community are lined with older homes. The fresh flakes added authenticity to a neighborhood known to keep Christmas and Valentine glitter alive year-round (click twice to see a heart in the photo).

My husband and I were meeting our daughter at Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

Strings of lights wrapped around what looked like (poles?) made to resemble palm trees jutting from the outdoor patio floor by the restaurant.

It was more enjoyable seeing the lights from inside through the window while waiting for our Mexican meal.

As we sat around a cozy table in comfortable chairs, a bench outside was getting covered in a cushion of snow.

The snow wasn’t deep to start ... but it was slick and built up quickly.

Heading out of the city, we found the pavement layered with ice and slippery. Some frozen wires were in jeopardy of falling and needed repair.

The snow continued to fall, softly glimmering like tiny stars against a background of darkening sky.

Our vehicle crawled along the streets to the freeway. Most drivers were using an abundance of caution. So our typical one-hour drive home to Surrey turned into two. The cold snap was no doubt a shock to wildlife. Just a few days earlier it seemed as if spring was firmly rooted. Birds were surveying neighborhood yards for future nests and buds were unfurling their newborn faces. Hopefully these early bloomers will survive this winter surprise.

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  1. Your world is delightful to look at but I can imagine you're ready for spring. This year has been the opposite of the past few years where I live. We had at least some snow at the beginning of March/end of February for several years in a row until this year we've moved full force into spring. Everything is bursting into bloom so I'm hoping it doesn't get zapped by the cold later. It's almost like summer today. Maybe some of it will start moving your way soon.

  2. My first thought was to wonder what you were doing in Kits in the snow, but I see you had the perfect reason, and I'm sure you had a good visit.
    It has taken me a couple of hours to get home to White Rock from 5th and Granville when weather conditions turned bad during a late shift at work, so I know how it was - nowhere near as much fun as dinner. Glad the other drivers were being cautious as well.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I do agree with Carver! You do have a beautiful world, but it does look cold and while our winter hasn't been anywhere as bad as yours, it's still been gray, grim and cold and I'm so ready for spring. Your photos are super and I love the lights around the tree trunks! I love Mexican restaurants/food! I even love the falling snow flakes -- well, as long as they're in photos! Hope you have a great week!


  4. You certainly have had a cold winter for your area. The good new is that maybe some of the bugs that have been ravaging B.C. pines will be killed off. Maybe. When we have a harsh winter here, the bug population goes way down the next spring and summer.

  5. the winter went globally crazy. snow flurries appeared in san francisco :)

    keep yourself warm.

  6. the tire tracks make some interesting patters (for a photographer!)

  7. Well, February is known to be a fickle month, shooting up snowdrops and crocus one minute and covering them up again the next.

    Our temperatures have dropped like a stone from 35C to 16C as autumn smacks us in the face.

    Your pictures of that lovely snowfall are beautiful and make me nostalgic for my homeland of Latvia where also the snow is still falling.

    At least you saw your daughter and had a HOT Mexican meal.

  8. First of all, I’m glad to know your safe back home. Unexpected snowfall often makes traffic hard or almost impossible due to sliding and slipping without precaution. Apart from that, there’s always something beautiful and tranquil about snow falling. I enjoyed seeing the photos.

    “San-kan, shi-onn” in Japanese means three cold days and four warn days. Through this cycle our climate becomes "stable warm", then suddenly hot. Maybe I might have snowfall after these days’ spring-like weather.

  9. Such fantastic photos of the surprise snow! I hope the buds weren't stunted by the cold. The falling snow does look magical though not much fun to drive through.

  10. Hopefully spring will set in firmly soon. So much of unexpected snow is scary.

  11. I hear you about a cold cold February!

    Your world looks delightful with its thin white coating.

  12. Glad to have found your blog, and your world.

  13. Wonderful photos. I haven't been to Las Margaritas for years. Sorry it took so long to get home.

  14. We do enjoy the rare chance to get snow pictures, don't we Penelope? They were my choice for today, too...LOL.

    So glad you took the time to photograph the great patterns left by tires, and formed by the slats on the bench...these are among my favourite kind of shots.

    Glad you had a safe and enjoyable outing in the snow. Next time I'm asked for a restaurant recommendation, I think I'll know where to pick...:)

    Imagination Lane

  15. Hello!!! Thanks for finding me on my other blog. Your photos are lovely and I believe I visited that Mexican restaurant many years ago - if it is the same one ? What cold weather we had - all that snow and ice and rain and wind. I am ready for Spring too. Michelle

  16. It was fun to enjoy your beautiful wonderland photos, and especially enjoyable because we knew that you made it home safely. The amazing thing is that, by Monday, the snow had almost disappeared! You will have to come back and take "before and after" photos:)

  17. beautiful winter wonderland but pretty cold over there You must get to spring pretty soon I hope. we just started autumn.

  18. Ahhh, Las Margaritas!! So glad to know it's still there!

    We were caught in this snow storm, but we were on the Island already. The highway between Parksville and Nanaimo was closed, partially due to a four-car pileup near Nanoose. As I stated in my blog post, we managed to find a detour.

    And then, all the way home along the Fraser Canyon, we travelled on snow-covered roads. With the huge number of semi-trailers on the road, travel was difficult...I'm so glad we made it home, finally!

    We've had lots of snow in the Cariboo since doesn't look as if Spring is ready to arrive, just yet!

  19. We were in Vancouver that day as well. Lots of snow out there. Nice shot of Kitsilano. Love some of the old houses there. I will be in Vancouver in the summer for another visit, perhaps we could meet somewhere.

  20. That would be nice, Stephanie! Summer is a great time to visit.:)


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