Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Ignored?

THESE CUTE LITTLE TYKES caught my attention during a visit to a Vancouver, BC, mall a few days ago. They were enchanted by something.

It did not look like they were focused on Christmas, however, even though a nearby snow-family grinned in their direction.

Balloons waved from the distance with joyful messages of the season.

Bold baubles cried for attention.

Ornaments hung on trees like glittering jewels.

Poinsettias were dressed in their crimson best.

Wreaths were wrapped with lights that twinkled.

Stars rained down on all the shops.

Some stars fell into branches of trees.

A photo shoot, with an eye catching umbrella, was also at the mall.

But even Santa's reindeer could not disrupt the children's concentration.

Surely Santa would do the trick ... but he hadn't arrived yet. Also missing was the reason for the season. Not one nativity scene could be found anywhere.

A tank of tropical fish was the most interesting display of all amid the razzle-dazzle of Christmas at the mall.

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  1. What interesting photos! Lots of "Christmas" decorations, but not a crib scene, very colorful, very much the season, but what holds the kids interest? The fish tank and I think that's pretty cool! Terrific, fascinating post for the day, Penelope! Hope you have a great week!


  2. There's such a simple explanation, there was life and movement in that tank! Children are clever, they are not easily taken in by all that glam and glitz until they have been indoctrinated by the sales pitch. All the hype aimed at the adults to make them spend on the strength of the sentiment of the season.

    Great Photos, especially of those little ones.

  3. Cute capture of the kids watching fish. How natural!

  4. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in your world! Isn't the curiosity of little ones a joy to see?

  5. love the festive and colorful display. i was guessing there were spiders and scorpions, or puppies that caught the kids' attention.:p

  6. lovely Christmas decorations. can't wait for Christmas.

  7. Wonderful Christmas decorations. The images are very lively.

  8. OH! I LOVE this! You have just started off my day with a smile. :))

  9. I like the surprise ending. Good job. Boom & Gary Of The Vermilon River.Canada.

  10. Loved the hanging stars! Amazing the decorations we see nowadays - gosh I sound old! lol!

  11. penelope - link to the video with pleasure - such a wonderful thing - got to be shared by as many as possible. Thanks.
    Love Denise xxxx

  12. Arija's comment was most interesting, Penelope. I like to think that she may be correct. If she is, I wonder how we can encourage children to hold onto that love of life and movement throughout their teens and into adulthood. Most of the teens on my band trips, given a choice between walking in a forest, or shopping in a mall, would opt for the latter without hesitation. I too love the photograph of the children. Such focus (yours and theirs:)


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