Friday, December 10, 2010

Gray December Sky

THE WINTER SKIES were not pretty. In fact, some might say they were plain dreary during my visit to Vancouver yesterday.

It is typical December weather for southwest BC. Rain poured down and umbrellas popped up like mushrooms along slick city streets.

See more skies from around the globe at Skywatch Friday.


  1. Your fist picture really does look dreary.
    I rather like the second on with the four all dressed in black, including umbrellas!

  2. The skies are dreary here in Ontario, I'm afraid, and have been for a week or two. Last night I saw a weather map of Canada and most of the country is covered in clouds. Good news, though! The sun will make an appearance tomorrow...or maybe Thursday. :))

  3. Dear Penelope,

    Four umbrellas in one picture! But, where is your trademark one? I bet it would have brightened up those photos, in spite of the rain:)


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