Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rediscovering The Spirit Of Christmas

THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT can catch you by surprise. Hope visitors enjoy this stirring show of harmony at the mall where diverse voices meld into one perfect song. The impact is fleeting but memorable.


  1. Lovely blog. Good for you. Thank you for visiting My World !
    I love the cards.

  2. That video of a random act of culture has had over 20 million views... talk about going viral! But what a lovely thing... I call it urban art of a different kind.

  3. The very day you posted this, a teacher at school asked me if I had seen it (I hadn't, so thank you!). Bill and I went to the performance at The Orpheum, a truly wonderful one, but this had an energy of such happiness. The singers responded to the surprised pleasure of people around, and then, it seemed audience and performer were as one.


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