Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kwomais Point Park: Nature's Trance

THE BUDDHA IN MY BACKYARD reminded me of something I read recently in To Forget the Self from The Buddha and His Teachings. I recognized the fleeting feeling of tranquility described in my previous post as well as in the few words below from the book:

Seeing forms with the whole body and mind,
Hearing sounds with the whole body and mind,
One understands them intimately

Swept away by the sights and sounds of my natural surroundings, I forgot all cares and concerns and felt at one with my environment and the universe. I suppose it was a mini meditation achieved without effort. Nature can do that to people. But a little instruction is also helpful through enlightened reading and meditative techniques.

I was glad to see a Meditation Series is one of several programs to launch activities at the recently transformed Kwomais Point Park in South Surrey. Kwomais aptly means “place of vision”. The pathway, trees, water views and history surrounding the park and buildings make it an ideal setting for reflection and personal renewal.

Prior to its sale to the City of Surrey as parkland in 2007, a church organization owned the site, operating what is said to have been one of BC's oldest accredited camps. Meditation can come easily when walking through this natural forest chapel. Indeed, just being outdoors and exploring the lush foliage and abundant wildlife provides a sense of interconnectedness.

It's never too early to foster love and respect for the natural world. Today's child could be a future guru or at the very least a passionate steward of his/her own backyard inspired by such fun adventure/exploring courses as Nature Nuts, also offered at Kwomais Point Park. The first session is underway and the next series of four sessions starts May 22nd 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.


  1. "A little instruction in meditative techniques" is one of those things I always thought I might seek one day. Your post is gently reminding me to hold that thought:) And, I don't know who is leading the "Nature Nuts" series, but my hat is off to them. Easy to forget, in all of the ways we try to prepare kids for a good life, that some things are right at their fingertips.

  2. I seem to remember the municipal government considering that area for development. It had been a United Church camp since long before I was born, and I was so glad to see it become a park. I enjoyed our walk through there last week, Penelope. Imagine if it had become high-rises, or even low-rise condos! How awful those would have been there on the point. I shudder to contemplate the idea. So much better to think of Julia and Jonathan walking Jasper beneath those wonderful big old trees, looking at the ocean, finding wildflowers blooming...

  3. Yes … inconceivable it would be anything but a park with its religious/spiritual background and beauty. Still, this might be Surrey’s final parkland purchase as I believe it is no longer “City of Parks”. Surrey’s new motto “The Future Lives Here” implies high rises, etc. So whew! I’m grateful to Surrey for being this nature friendly just under the wire.


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