Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day: With or Without Us

ISN'T IT SILLY to destroy the earth right from under our feet? Yet that is exactly what we do in order to destroy others and to live what some perceive is the good life. I believe the earth is stronger than what we can do to it, however. So although the dispassionate planet might one day shake off humanity like a bad rash, it will continue to glow in the universe.

My hint of Haiku expresses this view:

Earth gathers spring rain
A girl scoops up a puddle
With her umbrella

Rain sprinkles the sea
A boy pulls in screaming gulls
With his net of crumbs

Sea waves unmoved
Earth turns like a bird circling
With or without us

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms


  1. Thanks, Penelope. The words "shake of humanity like a bad rash" were especially powerful, and as you said in the haiku, with or without us, the world will most likely continue to turn. I guess I'm hoping the antidote to that rash will be education and greater awareness, so your timely and beautifully written post carries great significance.

  2. I agree with Black Jack's Carol...her statement is true. The earth will survive - mankind may bring harm to itself by not caring for our Mother Earth - bu She will 'shake of humanity like a bad rash'. It is good that there are many folks who are sensitive and aware. Thanks for your post and for visiting my blog. See you again soon! Michelle


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