Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After The Rain

AFTER THE PATTER of rain stopped, the only thing that mattered

was to pick a path and wander.

I saw sun splash colour along Surrey sidewalks

and wet blooms peek through flattened foliage.

From tulip and dogwood to dandelion and lilac,

they all did their showy best to stand tall.

Recovering from the heady showers,

they drank from their rain filled cups as I continued my walk.

The outdoor bouquet of flowers

soaked in sunny colours.


  1. Oh Penelope, those photos are all exquisite - every one of them! I especially love the forest path in the first one, and the detail in the sixth one. Thanks for bringing those "soaked and sunny" blooms right into my morning.

  2. Oh, flowers!! Just beautiful. We're still some time behind you out here on the lone prair-ee.
    Wind and rainstorm going on right now, but better that than Calgary's snow.
    I have a few blooms in my yard -- four Nanking Cherry bushes are blooming, and a group of tulips seemed just about to open yesterday. I hope they stay closed until the storm is over.
    Someone (my mother? my grandmother?) used to say "This weather isn't fit for a dog!" and our Lindy sure agrees. She wants to stay inside.
    But the prairie really is greening up fast, and that's beautiful to watch.

  3. The nice thing, Kay, about late bloomers is that when early BC blossoms are gone, yours are just beginning to shine!


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