Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Swing Into Sunny

SUN CREPT MAGIC ONTO THE CHILLY lawn yesterday and a warm breeze played in the greenery as I tidied the shrubbery in my yard. Wind chimes rang their random rhythms, gulls called winsomely from a distance, and sparrows darted busily from tree to tree. Sweet grass and blossoms scented the air and a squirrel chewed a peanut with tender care. I soaked in the sensation of being alive in a wondrous world for several seconds with no distractions until my thoughts swung back to the branch that needed trimming over there.


  1. A few moments in your time, so beautifully described. I felt your contentment.

  2. Dear Penelope. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! You caught the spirit through your writing and describe well your enjoyable moments outside. I can relate! Nothing can beat being outdoors,especially now with everything blossoming, the song of birds and warm sun. Thanks so much for visiting me on my blog! Michelle

  3. Blossoms. Sigh.
    Blizzard warning here in southeastern Alberta. Smell of wet dog, in from the snow. Sound of laundry in dryer. Signed up to be warned by Air Canada if tomorrow's flight to the sunny west coast is delayed or cancelled.
    Sigh again.


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