Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Colouring Gift From Me To You

(Image No Longer Available)

PARENTS AND EDUCATORS ARE WELCOME to enlarge and print Penelope Puddle’s new West Coast Christmas colouring page for a limited time only. Children are encouraged to add (in freehand) raindrops, clouds, snowflakes or any other BC weather to the background.

Penelope, with her sidekick umbrella and seagull friend, finds the perfect Christmas tree. Since she has no idea how to bring the tree home, she starts to decorate it outdoors with paper cutouts of umbrellas and more.

Children can explore different Penelope antics in With My Umbrella, I Can: The Magical Journey of Penelope Puddle which is available online or can be borrowed from the Fraser Valley Regional Library.


  1. Julia and Jonathan will enjoy this so much, especially coming from Jasper's good buddy Penelope Puddle.
    Dick is printing two for our grandchildren, Kayen and Kiana.

  2. Hooray! That’s great to hear. A fun project when your little Puddles are staying indoors. Feel free to send me the results, if you can.

  3. I love the etymology of puddleism. I should check out the etymology of unfittie, shouldn't I?
    Oh, and I found a picture of a non-polluting form of transportation, too. Whew.


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