Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All-Weather Daze

THE PAST TWENTY-FOUR HOURS in BC is a good example of why puzzled Westcoasters often don’t know what they should wear when they step outdoors. One minute it’s hot and the next ... well, it's definitely not. Walkers were exposed to a whirlwind mix of hail and stinging rain needling their faces. Wildly strong winds whipped at clothing and tousled hairdos into a frenzy. Hands, with grips less than sturdy, found inverted umbrellas and hats had swiftly escaped in the air. There were also moments of calm with sudden bursts of sunlight and warmth. Messy slick sidewalks, strewn with evergreen foliage, looked as if a very big salad had been tossed everywhere. A 6.6 earthquake off BC's Central West Coast, which thankfully caused no significant damage, added to the muddle. Further south at Crescent Beach, daring adventurers were spotted, illustrating a Penelope-like can-do spirit as they braved chilly, choppy waters to go windsurfing.

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