Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let A Teacher Be Your Umbrella

PENELOPE PUDDLE doesn’t carry her umbrella simply for protection against weather. Her umbrella plays a major supportive role that channels Penelope’s imagination and can-do spirit, especially when they are waning.

The umbrella can be likened to many teachers who play a similar role. Whether learning sports, math or music, a teacher’s presence is particularly important for students who have difficult issues to overcome and need someone (or something) special to “hang onto” for brief periods of time.

Reassuring yet challenging, instructors at the local pool were exactly what I needed to start overcoming my fear of deep water and swimming that developed after becoming seriously disoriented in a pool as a teenager.

Unable to accomplish what many five-year-olds can easily do seems unacceptable for the co-creator of a character who is fearless around water. So although my feet have been solidly attached to the ground for a very long time, I am (with considerable difficulty) yanking them out and choosing the Path of The Puddlist, gaining confidence and learning to swim with help from my trusted umbrella-teachers. Thank you teachers!

Path Of The Puddlist Concept:

1 a : beliefs and practices based on the idea
that one can overcome great odds and do wonderful
things by rekindling the optimism, imagination and
wonder of the child within
b: the paths to enlightenment are infinite and most
often found outdoors where possessing the resiliency
of a good umbrella is essential to weather life's storms
c : when it pours, a dry soul must jump into puddles
and bloom, despite the fear of getting wet

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms