Monday, June 26, 2017

Wishful Thinking

A LOCAL NURSERY'S sign read: "1 part soil, 2 parts water, 3 parts wishful thinking".

This "gardener's recipe" is a bit like life's recipe for turning desires into reality. But although things do seem to evolve by themselves, more watering and less wishful thinking might produce better results.

Wishful thinking is a comfort but we all know it's the digging, weeding and quenching of the soil that keeps growth lush. I've seen plants turn to dust in rainless summers when water restrictions come into play. The season seems to produce less showers and more forest fires nowadays in BC. So far, the southwest coastal corner where one expects more rain remains green with many roadside flowers to bury my nose into during my walks. I can't help wishing smell-o-vision was available for these recent shots.

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  1. Love the sign ~ how true and your wonderfully creative floral shots ~ delightful ~ ^_^

  2. wow your photos are stunningly beautiful All of them
    Had a chuckle at the wishful thinking part of the sign

  3. I agree with you Maria, we are supposed to grow and flower the seed within us, so the gardener’s recipe is for our life, too. These macro shots show how happy the flowers are to fulfill their lives. Without Smell-O-Vision, I can almost smell the scent of each flower.


  4. Your macros are famtastic. Love the sign too!

  5. ...I love garden center humor.

  6. Fine looking sign. I like the three parts wishful thinking.

  7. Oh those macro flower shots are fabulous! Beautiful. i employ wishful thinking quite often -- in more areas than gardening. It can't hurt can it? (As long as I remain able to accept reality if my wishes don't come true.)


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