Friday, June 30, 2017

150 Years Young, Canada!

IT'S CANADA DAY eve and the red leaf flutters over clear and cloudy skies.

Hooray to Canada for being such a wonderfully diverse and peaceful place in which to live. Not only is it "strong and free" it includes stunning views, interesting people from around the globe as well as geographical challenges for people who love to be physically inspired. Climate and terrain vary across ten provinces and three territories that span some 4,000 miles from sea to sea. Celebrating 150 years of Confederation, Canada is a giant-sized toddler gaining strength along the way while holding true to its values. There is room for improvement, of course, but among nations Canada is poised to do the right things not only for itself but for the world.

I was pleased most recently with Canada's involvement in the Paris Accord and also its welcoming stance on immigration from war torn Syria.

My parents immigrated to Canada before I was born. Learning a new language in unfamiliar circumstances wasn't easy and life was harsh but my mother said becoming a Canadian citizen was one of the proudest happiest moments of her life.

Mom didn't live long enough to meet my daughter but I know she'd be especially proud to hear her sing "O Canada" a cappella with school friends years ago. I listen the song each Canada Day. Enjoy!

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  1. Have a great week-end!

  2. Happy Holiday and may I add sincere congratulations to Canada for all the reasons you state. And as I'm sure I really need not say I add my wishes that your southern neighbor were still doing as well.

  3. Canada and Australia have many similarities - although it is our heat , not the cold which is cause for most to struggle in the harsher areas.Love your first capture, lovely sky.

  4. Wonderful shots! Canada sounds like a lovely place to live.

  5. My impression of Canada is all written in your words. I especially like it when Canada’s attitude is inclusive. There are many things I’m attracted, one of them is spaciousness. The Canadian English teacher and friend of mine talked about a road trip including two days of straight driving on long, empty road seeing only wheat and no mountains and staying at the lodgings with intricate, localized atmosphere. With best (belated) birthday wishes to Canada and its people.

    In the next post, the fireworks caught in a moment look like the birth of new stars from nebulae.


  6. A little belated but Happy Canada Day. This is a wonderful post and I enjoyed reading it and looking at the photos. You guys are great!!!

  7. A belated Happy Canada day, A beautiful country My mum has been there several times as she has lots of cousins in Canada

  8. Wishing you a belated Happy Canada Day! I love the shot of your mom. Wonderful post. Your fire works shots in the next post are also great.


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