Sunday, June 8, 2014

Puddles Of Sunshine At Dunsmuir Gardens

IT SEEMED OBVIOUS to me that these discarded boots were made for working and sloughing through heavy mud in a downpour.

Someone tending plants at Dunsmuir Gardens in Blackie Spit Park must have left them behind.

They stood tall on a spot of sun as if in a puddle. The community garden plots surrounded by a wildlife refuge were bare last time I walked there.

But now even the entranceway sign was choked with plants and hardly recognizable.

The sun squeezed through the foliage forming streaks that looked like rain. This was a day for bare feet and open toe sandals.

Insects buzzed in the sunny yellow hearts of wild flowers hosting a bee buffet.

The sun beamed on pretty pink bells hidden in the greenery.

It washed over a train that chugged alongside the path to the gardens. (For a cloudier view on trains and their impact on local communities click HERE.)

Rays of sunshine performed a sparkling dance in the nearby water.

A painting at the entranceway showed a pet lazing in the sun.

The painting leaned on a wooden well blocking the light so that the bottom appeared deep and mysterious. I tossed in a coin and wished for good fortune.

Do you make wishes at wells? A wish (even at a waterless well) seeps a ray of hope into cloudless days and days when you need galoshes.

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  1. Love the images especially the boots.

  2. What a lovely day for you. I love the wild roses, and the pretty bells, but of course the painting of Teddy made me smile the most.
    I think I even miss the Burlington Northern sometimes, you know?
    Love, K

  3. Oh I take every opportunity to make a wish. So nice to see everything lush and green and colourful

  4. Fun post, great shots for the day and, yes, I, too, take every opportunity to make a wish!! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Enjoy!

  5. Lovely images from the gardens..The flowers are beautiful. I love the painting of the dog.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  6. Creative photography and love the dog, of course, for OWT ~ xoxo ~ Glad you had a delightful time ~ photos show it!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Looks like a beautiful garden. I like the painting and I also like the boots. They look like they are ready for working in the garden.

  8. What a perfect day, and lovely photos to show for it!

  9. Love the sunny feel of these shots.

  10. I love the series you presented here. You have such a lovely creative spirit.

  11. What a lovely place! And if the weather was like that, I'd leave my boots behind too!

  12. I can almost see the rest of the ensemble and feel the "green thumb" spirit that stepped along in those boots, Maria. Your photography brought a beautiful day to light in your own unique way. I do so hope your wish will come true!

  13. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your other blog as well as this one. I don't think you usually have comments open on Penelope postcards and I wanted to tell you that the photographs as always such a delight.


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