Friday, May 16, 2014

Poppy Wizardry Along My Way

TECHNICOLOR arrived just in time to show off the charms of the poppy in the 1939 movie
Wizard Of Oz.

Fields upon fields of vivid blooms lulled Dorothy to sleep and reawakened interest in the glorious flower.

Translucent orange petals washed by the sun turned sunset gold during my recent visit to Crescent Beach. The papaver orientale grows profusely in the southwest gardens of BC and in much of North America.

Although this type of poppy does not produce opium or put you to sleep, it is hypnotic. The magnetic center of purplish-blue and ebony hues is a bottomless well that whisks you away (as the song says) somewhere over the rainbow.

The fragrant-free flower with fluttery wing-like petals has always enchanted me.

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  1. My goodness, the sheen off those poppies brought the sun right into my apartment. I love them as well, Maria. Beautifully captured ones, I might add!

  2. I love poppies. I am noticing they are coming up early this year, due to the warmer weather we have been having.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, and the poppies glorious.

  4. Lovely close ups of the poppies.

  5. I love poppies of all kinds -- your pictures do show both their hypnotic and beautiful qualities.

    I remember how amazing it was when the Wizard of Oz turned from B&W to Technicolor... (not when it was first released, because I'm not quite that old, but probably the second time it came to theaters). I still love that movie -- and I almost never watch a movie more than once.

  6. Beautiful capture of your poppy! It so happens that I also posted a poppy - the Californian ones, and they do not have a different heart than yours. Also the petals of yours seem longer.

  7. I love poppies and these are so beautiful.

  8. I love the dreamy soft focus feel of these photos. Perfect for poppies!

  9. Poppies are so beautiful with their deep orange depths, and fuzzy leaves. I will never tire of them.

    Great shots.


  10. I agree that poppies are hypnotic. The field of poppies always makes me want to dive into when I see them with tall, leafless stems dancing in the breeze. The poppies in your photos look a little different from those I’ve been familiar with.


  11. I love poppies It a path full of poppies is like a fairy tale The colour is so bright and beautiful


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