Sunday, March 24, 2013

Driving To Rainbow's End In West Vancouver

THE WEST END OF Vancouver seems more like a rainbow's end sometimes with its muggy mild weather, sparkling water views, historic homes, colorful flags and umbrellas and heavily treed streets nestled by English Bay.

The rainfall during my recent visit there with my husband did not diminish the natural beauty of the area.

I thought this gazebo might make a sweet hideout to escape the drops.

Some trees are massive with large twisted branches. This very old one would be my pick if I were inclined to climb.

Moss grows thick due to decades of dampness covering many trees with a natural cushion of green.

This rock art common to the West Coast and known as Inukshuk stands tall beyond a tangle of branches still strung with Christmas lights.

People strolled unhurriedly along the beachside walkway. The skies were not bright but the streets glistened.

The planetarium or MacMillan Space Centre in Vanier Park across the bay was veiled in a gentle mist. I recognized the Freezing Water #7 sculpture by Jun Ren in the foreground that I wrote about in an earlier post. It reminds me of a huge bird with crumpled outstretched wings.

People often gravitate to colorful umbrellas to offset the gray. This one drifted by like a spring garden.

Buildings from different eras are scattered throughout the West End. This charming apartment built in the 20s made me think of some homes I saw in faraway Venice overlooking the canals.

These lovely windows belong to a currently unused building that was once home to a sugar baron. I wrote about Gabriola Mansion in a previous post.

Locals rarely let the showers stop them from getting their exercise. This little boy seemed eager to get going.

His little yellow umbrella bounced down the road like a sunny spot of gold.

Writing this post brought to mind a special song. Experience the joyful sound of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Wee Cloud Of Calm Drifts Into View

THE SKY WOULD BE like a blank sheet of paper were it not for birds, sun and clouds to fill the empty spaces. That is why I was delighted to see a small cloud suspended in air over the bay at Crescent Beach yesterday. This bit of fluff seemed oddly motionless. In the morning calm it was hard to believe that the wind the night before had been strong enough to break tree branches as well as blow a couple of loose cedar shakes off our roof. Some things are replaceable but others not.

When a storm is minor it is easy to have a song in your heart. But should irreplaceable treasures be blown away or lost, here is a note of inspiration from Rose Kennedy who had inconsolable losses yet was able to say: "Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?"

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Umbrella Tops Pop Up Over Vancouver

RAIN POURED down relentlessly in Vancouver when I went there to the Eye Care Centre. Reports say that the current soggy weather is due to what is euphemistically called the Pineapple Express, a stream of moisture traveling (as if from a sprinkler hose) to the West Coast of BC from faraway Hawaiian shores. While waiting for an appointment I took some blurred photos of people quickly passing by. Umbrellas were popping up everywhere.

Two Canadian geese on an umbrella shaped roof got a bird's eye view of the scene. Water rolled down their feathery backs but they didn't seem to get wet. I envied their perspective because the sights I wanted to capture were a fair distance away across a busy street filled with obstacles.

This woman dashing to a car didn't have an umbrella but most did.

Umbrellas hovered over slick streets like discs from outer space.

They spun, swayed and bobbed amid the traffic ...

and splashed blue skies onto the gray day.

Some sprang up like wildflowers.

Others looked like spiraling gates with bars to keep the rain out.

Many were faded black while others flew open in a burst of color.

Some floated behind hedges in a dreamy display.

A few were broken.

Some showed how green it can get in BC thanks to the rain.

Umbrellas were most often held loosely over shoulders and heads ...

some lined up in military fashion along watery roads.

Several people huddled in hooded jackets with no umbrella in hand.

This umbrella brushed a rainbow across some glass when it passed.

Once inside I saw umbrellas folded, flopped down and squeezed into corners like discarded mops. I admit rain can ruin a nice hairdo and get your clothes sopping wet. But isn't it odd that no one was running about with childish glee saying yippee to the drops? Nobody was stomping in puddles or feeling carefree about getting soaked in what was a relatively warm shower for this time of year. Everyone was in a hurry to get somewhere they were not. As for me, I worried my camera would get damaged by the dampness and lamented that I was missing out on dozens of good shots keeping it out of harm's way.

I agree with the words expressed in an old television series Leave It To Beaver, "You're never too old to do goofy stuff." And although I didn't jump up and down in the rain, I was ridiculously excited to see this fleet of umbrellas break through the clouds that gloomy day and put on a show as if just for me.

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