Sunday, March 3, 2013

Umbrella Tops Pop Up Over Vancouver

RAIN POURED down relentlessly in Vancouver when I went there to the Eye Care Centre. Reports say that the current soggy weather is due to what is euphemistically called the Pineapple Express, a stream of moisture traveling (as if from a sprinkler hose) to the West Coast of BC from faraway Hawaiian shores. While waiting for an appointment I took some blurred photos of people quickly passing by. Umbrellas were popping up everywhere.

Two Canadian geese on an umbrella shaped roof got a bird's eye view of the scene. Water rolled down their feathery backs but they didn't seem to get wet. I envied their perspective because the sights I wanted to capture were a fair distance away across a busy street filled with obstacles.

This woman dashing to a car didn't have an umbrella but most did.

Umbrellas hovered over slick streets like discs from outer space.

They spun, swayed and bobbed amid the traffic ...

and splashed blue skies onto the gray day.

Some sprang up like wildflowers.

Others looked like spiraling gates with bars to keep the rain out.

Many were faded black while others flew open in a burst of color.

Some floated behind hedges in a dreamy display.

A few were broken.

Some showed how green it can get in BC thanks to the rain.

Umbrellas were most often held loosely over shoulders and heads ...

some lined up in military fashion along watery roads.

Several people huddled in hooded jackets with no umbrella in hand.

This umbrella brushed a rainbow across some glass when it passed.

Once inside I saw umbrellas folded, flopped down and squeezed into corners like discarded mops. I admit rain can ruin a nice hairdo and get your clothes sopping wet. But isn't it odd that no one was running about with childish glee saying yippee to the drops? Nobody was stomping in puddles or feeling carefree about getting soaked in what was a relatively warm shower for this time of year. Everyone was in a hurry to get somewhere they were not. As for me, I worried my camera would get damaged by the dampness and lamented that I was missing out on dozens of good shots keeping it out of harm's way.

I agree with the words expressed in an old television series Leave It To Beaver, "You're never too old to do goofy stuff." And although I didn't jump up and down in the rain, I was ridiculously excited to see this fleet of umbrellas break through the clouds that gloomy day and put on a show as if just for me.

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  1. Great pics! I'm delighted to see so much colour on an otherwise gray and rainy day.

  2. Are you going to think me mad, but I kind of miss the rain....

    It doesn't rain here like it does on the coast...a good soggy, downpour.

    We get a tiny spit, and that's it.

    Certainly could use the rain.


  3. Enough already on the rain. We need a good stretch of sunshine and warmer temps.

  4. Terrific! I love how they are blurred and impressionistic. My favourite is the shot of the umbrellas among the traffic, that truly gives the feeling of how ubiquitous they were.

  5. I LOVE your positive attitude! What a great idea to take photos of all the colourful umbrellas.

  6. I some how expected more colour in the umbrellas, and less somber black. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Great umbrella pictures indeed !

    Please have a good Tuesday.

  8. Ah, the umbrellas world!! And such a colorful one it is! Terrific captures for the day! I love them -- although I prefer to enjoy them and not the real thing!! I'm ready for spring even though we've had a mild winter, I'm so tired of GRAY!!! Have a great week!

  9. A totally wonderful post! You are definitely a perfect Pacific Northwesterner -- when you see and share this much beauty and joy on a rainy day -- its obvious you belong where you are! Love all the pictures (and the memories).

  10. Your photos just make a person want to burst into song....'I'm singing in the rain........'

  11. I like to walk in the gentle rain, “Raindrops keep falling on my head.......♪” and I like to see umbrella flowers popping open on the streets. In my impressions, most of Westerners look okay without umbrella in rain (not in downpours) while Japanese always use umbrella. I suppose one of the reasons is the rain containing polluted air substance as well as yellow sand from China at this season.

  12. This is a fun post! Love all the different umbrellas you managed to capture. :)

  13. I sure got a laugh out of this. I remember the name "Pineapple Express" very well. And I suspect no one was jumping up and down in the rain because it is only the beginning of March, and not puddle-jumping weather, even in Vancouver.
    Talk to you soon.
    Luv, K

  14. Yes it has been really wet, i love the array of umbrellas you show.

  15. Fantastic collection! I like specially your "moved" pictures. Amazing.

  16. How wonderful all of your photos are!! The blurred photos make me feel texture of rain, merry sounds of raindrops more and more!!
    I love that expression "Pineapple Express". The rain is the greeting from Hawaii. If we can take things in a positive way, our life will be enjoyable ten times, I am sure.
    Have a great week!

  17. When I got to the "lined up in military fashion" I laughed out loud, Penelope. What a wonderfully playful and colourful post. I have seen a few toddlers jumping up and down in puddles lately, and happily, their moms have stood by smiling, as if they remember when. So many surprise moments in this post. I believe I had every bit as much fun reading it as you did when the photos popped up on your screen.

  18. Hi how are you Love your umbrella with the flowers. Send over some rain. Her on the Norht island we haven an official drought. They had 4 months without rain so we are doing the rain dance here

  19. Fantastic shots. You captured such an array of umbrellas.

  20. what a fun posting....I love the unbrellas...we have had too much rain though. Hope the eyes are ok as you say you were at the eye clinic. They have the most beautiful designs on umbrellas now.


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