Sunday, March 24, 2013

Driving To Rainbow's End In West Vancouver

THE WEST END OF Vancouver seems more like a rainbow's end sometimes with its muggy mild weather, sparkling water views, historic homes, colorful flags and umbrellas and heavily treed streets nestled by English Bay.

The rainfall during my recent visit there with my husband did not diminish the natural beauty of the area.

I thought this gazebo might make a sweet hideout to escape the drops.

Some trees are massive with large twisted branches. This very old one would be my pick if I were inclined to climb.

Moss grows thick due to decades of dampness covering many trees with a natural cushion of green.

This rock art common to the West Coast and known as Inukshuk stands tall beyond a tangle of branches still strung with Christmas lights.

People strolled unhurriedly along the beachside walkway. The skies were not bright but the streets glistened.

The planetarium or MacMillan Space Centre in Vanier Park across the bay was veiled in a gentle mist. I recognized the Freezing Water #7 sculpture by Jun Ren in the foreground that I wrote about in an earlier post. It reminds me of a huge bird with crumpled outstretched wings.

People often gravitate to colorful umbrellas to offset the gray. This one drifted by like a spring garden.

Buildings from different eras are scattered throughout the West End. This charming apartment built in the 20s made me think of some homes I saw in faraway Venice overlooking the canals.

These lovely windows belong to a currently unused building that was once home to a sugar baron. I wrote about Gabriola Mansion in a previous post.

Locals rarely let the showers stop them from getting their exercise. This little boy seemed eager to get going.

His little yellow umbrella bounced down the road like a sunny spot of gold.

Writing this post brought to mind a special song. Experience the joyful sound of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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  1. Enjoyed looking through your lens of my old neighbourhood.
    Beautiful images despite the grey dull day you had with this rain.

  2. I was born there, so it has a bit of a pull....

    Still one of my most favorite places.

    Great atmospheric shots.


  3. I always love the west end and your images have captured it beautifully.

  4. I love seeing familiar sights through you and your camera's eyes, Penelope. The Inukshuk, the gazebo, the twisted branches of the character-tree, the architecture, the child and parent with umbrellas - appreciation and eagerness to explore came through so vividly in the tone of your post, I feel barely able to wait until I go out again to see the "old" sights with slightly altered vision.

  5. Oh, I love this. Long ago and far away.
    Long ago I lived in the West End, when I was 18 or 19 and it was still a safe place for a group of girls to rent the top part of an old house, and get up to go down to English Bay for a midnight swim.
    Those were the days, my friend, and they were indeed somewhere over the rainbow, if I may be allowed to mix a couple of metaphors and tunes.
    Thanks for this.
    Luv, K

  6. Wonderful shots. Looks like somewhere I'd enjoy exploring.

  7. I like the way something as practical and common as an umbrella can add so much colour and style.

  8. Such a sweet and happy post! We haven't been to Vancouver in way too long.

  9. The old and massive tree with lush moss is awesome and the thick moss is worth the thousand words to express wet weather in your place. I will give a name to my umbrellas like “spring garden”. I always enjoy reading your thoughts on grey day.

  10. Like the awesome tree with moss on it too. Great post and nice shots.

  11. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities, so much to see and do, thanks for taking us on a photo tour

  12. oh lovely I love the last one with the little umbrella My mum has family in Vancouver Every "Van Hezewijk" you come along there is family

  13. Awesome tree! I´d like to visit BC.


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