Sunday, February 3, 2013

What Are You Looking At?

"What are you looking at?" the pigeon seemed to be asking. Actually, there was lots to see during my recent visit to the waterfront area of White Rock.

The water under the pier glistened in spots where the light caught the ripples. Barnacles clung to shadowy posts that hold up the boardwalk.

Small clams were cradled and cracked by seagulls. There was great finesse in how this bird maneuvered a shell in its beak.

Curlicues decorated the multiple archways over the upgraded pier that was originally build in 1914 and designated a heritage monument in 1982.

People were out for a stroll enjoying the relatively mild rain-free weather.

Gentle waves slapped the boats docked at the end of the pier.

The naturally creamy-gray granite boulder by Semiahmoo Bay inspired the town's name and is painted white perhaps to cover graffiti or bird markings.

It is likely the rock was swept to its location by prehistoric glacier ice. As plausible as this sounds it is not as compelling as the story that was told by Semiahmoo Chief Bernard Charles.

As legend has it the rock was tossed over the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver Island by a dejected son of a sea god looking for a place to settle with his human bride. While some in modern times throw darts at a map to let fate determine their destination, he threw a stone.

The local museum and former train station was visible from the pier. Its gift shop is currently home to my Penelope Puddle greeting cards.

On my way to the parking lot I spotted this gull looking for a snack.

I heard rustling in a nearby bush and saw a tiny bird sitting on the track.

It tweeted a song to similar species in the weathered shrubbery. I marveled at how well their feathers camouflaged and thought about all the simple yet extraordinary sights around us. It brought to mind words by Albert Einstein I discovered on another blog that said, "Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."

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  1. Hello Penelope,
    Lovely post!!
    I always love the way of a pigeon's inclining the head. It seems as if it is asking me something. The movement is very adorable, and it is hard to resist its cuteness. The deer in the Nara Park also often do the same thing, they look at me inclining the head!
    The legend of the white rock is very romantic!! I am glad that they fulfilled their love!
    Have a great week.

  2. It looks great in your world, Maria! I love all your shots. I am wondering when we will see sunshine again. Been so dismal here weather-wise.

  3. I enjoyed all the birds in this post, Penelope: the colourful pigeon with such alert and curious eyes, the comical seagulls (especially the first with propped open mouth and pleased-with-himself expression) enjoying their clams, and the little House Sparrows with their beautiful camouflage markings. The story of the white rock was fascinating as well. Somehow, I didn't remember it being painted such a bright white and wonder if that was a recent change. Must admit the creamy-grey shade might have been my first choice aesthetically but the camouflage properties of the white do serve their purpose. I also loved the smooth "S" shape of the beach coast-line. Simple things, as you say, but they all add up to a delightful world that I appreciate seeing through your eyes. Oh.. and that pier shot? I took one just yesterday - an X under the pier with barnacles and glistening water, that makes me realize we once again shared a moment in time.

  4. Nice evocative photos. I felt almost as if I was there...... I am always wary when I see gulls as they have such a tendency to swoop by and grab anything you happen to be eating. So at least I don't have to worry about that...


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