Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Under Cover Of An Umbrella At Bowen Island

HAZY VISTAS are common this time of year in many West Coast places and Bowen Island is no exception. My daughter took this picture during a recent visit to the small island that is some 15 miles northwest of Vancouver. It is accessible by water taxi from Granville Island some months of the year as well as year-round from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver.

The convergence of light and mist captured the magic of the moment as did the splash of a blue blanket keeping a friend warm in the foliage. The winter has been mild this last while so sleeping under the stars is not out of the question for adventurers with warm clothing, sleeping bags ... and an umbrella, of course, to ward off the sprinkles.

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  1. Wow, did they really go to Bowen to camp overnight under an umbrella?
    And "water taxi"? Whatever happened to the cute little Bowen Queen? Not the smallest taxi in BC, but the smallest in the BC Ferries fleet, if I recall correctly.
    An intriguing post, makes me ask all sorts of questions.

  2. Hi Kay, I didn’t ask how they got there but according to BC Tourism there is a water taxi that can be taken to Bowen Island from Granville Island as well as the ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. It is true that they didn’t have a tent and she did rely on the umbrella. As the Penelope artist I suppose she thought it would do. :)

  3. Under the hazy winter sky and enveloped in the cold air? I hope they didn’t catch a cold, but I understand that’s the way of Penelope. In case, the umbrella would do some magic.

  4. Have never camped under an umbrella. Great shot!

  5. I love it! Camping under an umbrella sounds like magic too me.

  6. I am a tiny bit envious at the romantic notion of sleeping on an island in the winter under the magical protection of an umbrella. What a wonderful photograph. And, i am most interested to learn of the water taxi!

  7. Hi Carol, Yes … the water taxi to Bowen Island sounds interesting, although I now realize it might not run in the winter. Apparently, it leaves from a dock at False Creek in Granville Island but it could be seasonal. I edited the wording a bit to reflect this on my post. :)


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