Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gates & Their Differing Traits

GATES ARE inviting for different reasons. They can be decorative or humble and appear impenetrable, broken or ominous. The photographs I took of gates and found when searching for a word beginning with the letter "G" unlocked my imagination and reminded me of how fascinated I am with these conflicting constructs that function both as barriers and passageways.

Some gates give hints like this peek-boo view of Meg's Place, a Bed & Breakfast at Crescent Beach that catches my eye whenever I walk by. Other gates are solid so no one can peer through.

I have always been curious about the gates I encounter. Each gate is like a cover of book from which the plot of the story inside, fairly or not, will be judged. Each gate is the introduction to a mystery.

Some gates swing open and some slide. All gates lead to somewhere on the other side, including Bill Gates, born with the perfect name to foreshadow his role in opening communications through technology world-wide.

Some gates are stunningly glamorous like this famed gold-painted gate at the Palace of Versailles that I, along with thousands of other tourists, couldn't resist photographing during a visit to France.

Some gates stand alone in quiet dignity.

Perhaps only special people are allowed to venture inside this gate.

Some gates are locked like this one tucked away in New Westminster at Antique Alley in BC.

Some gates are wide open but with a warning sign like the one at 1001 Steps in Ocean Park.

Some gates squeak and groan as if in agony. Some barely make a whisper. Some have complicated latches while others swing open with relative ease.

Despite their differing traits and eccentricities each gate holds a key to the opposite side of the same place.

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms

This post showcases the letter "G" for gates. If you think words are fun and enjoy playing with the alphabet, visit ABC Wednesday.


  1. People can get very creative with their gates, and it's fun for us out here to see these. Thanks so much, great photos!

  2. I see we share a common interest in gates. Thanks for your insights on this subject, wonderful photos.

  3. What a great post for G day. I enjoyed the variety of gates greatly. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. What wonderful photos of the variety of Gates. Each one is so unique. Great descriptions written with each one.

  5. The kissing seals is my favourite, for sure.
    Jane x

  6. What a great "G" idea! It is so creative and I love your choices.
    Have a great week.

  7. Some GREAT GATES, though the seal one's a bit GOOFY.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Gates are indeed an interesting subject to photograph and wonder about what's on the other side. It appears several people in your area have been quite creative!

  9. Gorgeous gates, but of course even Versailles can't compete with the kissing seals.
    When did they start locking up the thousand and one steps?
    Wonderful choice for the letter G. I love it.

  10. Wow! What a wonderful collection of gates! I feel the same way about them and just this morning was fantasizing on what my new gate will look like (when we have the money).

    On behalf of the ABC Weds team, thank you for your participation this week!

    ABC Weds. Team

  11. Living in the country we have just never had gates to the wide open spaces, but now we are here in town I yearn for something mysterious to provide an entry to our little garden. These are quite lovely...

  12. I take the liberty of adding Bill Gates, one of the world's greatest philanthropists. :-)

  13. Love all your photos - have been to Meg's Place for Strawberry Tea last year! It's such a beautiful place and a gorgeous location to stroll the seaside.

    abcw team

  14. Thank you for a very interesting array of gates and doors. There is a lot of symbolism using doors, windows, wardrobes etc. to enter magic worlds or other dimensions. I think the doors/gates say a lot about the people on the other side. Great post.

  15. A gateway to a magical garden or an invisible gate to another world like a wardrobe to Narnia is exciting. PC screen is a gate way to the world when connected to the Internet. Among all the varied interesting gates, my favorite is the last one.

  16. This sentence caught my imagination, Penelope: "There are inner gates where minds close and hearts hide." So true. One of the many reasons why I enjoy your blog is that you challenge us to open our mind gates to catch the connections between concrete and abstract life. Lovely photographs, too!

  17. I love gates It makes you curious of what's on the other side. I love the first three gates most and the one with the stone arch is magic with the sun shining through it. Loved your poetic words about inner gates. Great post

  18. I love gates, and I do love your photo collection of them. Beautiful, and the octopuss one,.....sigh.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  19. Wow, we'd have a great time, you and I, were we ever to enjoy an amble, looking for gates, together. I so enjoyed this post! Gates and doorways...how I love them. So inviting and yet not, all at the same time.

    Beautiful, beautiful photos...thanks so much for this post!

  20. I share your love of entryways and these are wonderful gates indeed! Your pictures and words always evoke a lovely sense of place.

    So pleased I stopped by to visit...:)

  21. What a wonderful series of shots! Love the quaint stone gate the best.

  22. What a great selection of gates you have found. I like the first one you showed very much. I also like the way you play with the idea of them both inviting people in and shutting them out - or in one case, warning them!
    So, thanks for an interesting post.

  23. Wonderful gates. I hope you and your family had a happy Christmas and new year to come.


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