Monday, December 19, 2011

Piecing Together A Vision At Kwomais Park

THE ART AT MY FEET was a pleasant surprise at the end of a forested road to Kwomais Point Park in South Surrey. The mosaic circle was a meaningful touch added to the newly completed plaza by the community buildings.

A little online research revealed that the creation, eight feet in diameter, was a very effective collaboration by visual artist Deborah Putman and ceramic artist and potter Connie Glover.

The fluidity and interconnectedness of the work was compelling. I was drawn to the "no beginning or end" aspects of its intricate design. It adorned the park like a beautiful bauble attached to a grand necklace.

There were circles within circles ...

and familiar creatures roamed the tiles.

Land, air, fire and sea were all represented.

Details captured the water's edge environment perfectly,

paying homage to the wildlife that nests yearly above in the trees ...

and that swims magnificently in the bay below.

Taking several pictures of the work, I regretted not photographing a large prayer circle of simple stones removed months ago during reconstruction of the park that was once a church camp for children. Thanks to the directions on this mosaic I can say that the former circle was on the western side.

It wasn't easy tearing myself away from the spell of the patterns.

Heading home along the forest path I saw more natural connections.

Worn out shrubbery, evergreens and leafless trees wove a messy tapestry.

The circle of life was visible all around me as I stepped through the dissolving unkempt litter of fallen leaves.

I was glad to have had those solitary moments with the mosaic and plan to visit it regularly before the official reveal at a grand opening next spring.

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  1. The mosaic is fantastic. Also looks like a wonderful place to walk.

  2. The two artists created a magnificent piece together! Thank you for taking so many photos of it so that I could see the intricacies of the total piece. I can see why you would want to return again to this place!

  3. What a superb mosaic! And what marvelous captures! I love them! I, too, can understand why you would want to return! Terrific place! Hope you have a great week and a very Happy Holiday!


  4. Great post and that mosiac is really well done!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. A beautiful park and an amazing piece of art. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I really love places like this! And mosaics. Just very peaceful.

  7. What a wonderful entry and journey. Thank you ! Please have a good Tuesday.

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  8. The mosaic circle is beautiful showing the circle of life with earth colors. Fish, bird, animal, and tree are surrounded by fire, earth, water, and air, the representative of all the living things by the component of the space. In the circle, all life is connected and they are well balanced as I believe everything under the sun depends on the balance which men might have forgotten to keep. The circle (or cycle) of life you saw in the forest might look messy but that’s the way trees live forever. Trees live forever by shedding leaves, giving life to the soil, something else. That’s the way life continues forever, and we humans, too. Thanks for the food for thoughts, Penelope.

  9. What an amazing mosaic - truly beautiful!

  10. What a beautiful mosaic and your photo's bring it all so well.


  11. I note your name puddlism, in Auckland, we have these big concrete round disc. They are for collecting of water. Puddles???/

  12. The photos of the mosaic go really well with the outer border of your blog, and with many of the pictures you have included around the border of your blog, Penelope. The impression when I opened up your post was absolutely lovely. I enjoyed learning about the environmental connections of the mosaic, and I also loved your transition to other natural connections as you continued on your way. I tried to find some information about the prayer circle you referred to, but only came up with one site, and I don't think the photo went with it. That made me think about the importance of at least having pictures of art pieces before they are moved or destroyed. All to say, your post was fascinating.

  13. How delightful to have something like this in our favorite park! It's gorgeous and I know I'm looking forward to visiting. By then, you'll be bored by it, LOL
    I wonder if Julia and Jonathan have seen it yet. I must ask their mother. I'm sure Julia would love to try to copy it.
    I'll try to give you a call before Christmas.
    Luv, K

  14. A wonderful mandala that certainly draws one in and vaguely reminds one of hidden mosaics of Roman times. definitely a nice centre to the lovely woodland paths.

    A Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  15. Hi Ann, There are many “isms” or belief systems in this world. Puddlism is a word I created to represent Penelope Puddles’ philosophy, explained elsewhere on this blog and that is basically one of curiosity and optimism. Puddlisms are also sayings on Penelope greeting cards as well as my collection of articles, art and photographs. Collecting water/puddles in large basins is a great idea for BC as well as Auckland, by the way. Even though we have lots of rain and many puddles one should always be prepared for a dry spell. :)

    Also, Carol, thank you for trying to find some information about the prayer circle. I liked the simple pathway of stones on the grassy field yet did not think to capture it in a photograph. Now it’s gone. It does point out that many bloggers are inadvertently cataloguing bits and pieces of history, artifacts and life as it passes by. Sometimes things disappear and a picture is the only tangible evidence that it ever existed.

    Finally, to all you wonderful people who take time to visit me here, my warmest good wishes for the days ahead and in the coming year!


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