Monday, December 12, 2011

Creative Overflow At Elgin Hall In Surrey

THE URGE TO FASHION handcrafted wonders or to capture a special moment with the click of a camera is unstoppable. With all this creativity spilling over it is a good thing there are chances to display the results this gift giving season. It was especially nice to see Lynette's work from Imagination Lane at the Elgin Hall Craft Fair where I dropped by on Saturday.

I couldn't resist purchasing a few of her art cards and was thrilled to see the shot she captured of seagull chicks hatched in the eaves of the White Rock Museum. As far as I know this is the first time the historic building and former train station had become a nursery to baby gulls.

Across the room Simon Andrews was showing his lovely captures. Some scenes seemed to float on the table blending the lines between art and reality.

A chat with the talented and friendly Simon revealed he puts extra effort into the matting and framing aspects to protect and showcase his work.

At a nearby table Myrna Decock of MAD Creations seemed anything but angry. Her handcrafted teddy bear ballerinas were as charming as she was ...

and her decorated Santas were definitely jolly.

Myrna has a knack for making tea candles look edible. To me, they looked as yummy as mint candy or chocolate.

It was also nice to meet Nicci Battilana at the fair where I discovered her eye-catching cards. Nicci is a gifted artist known for the slogan: "Life is too short to be bashful". Living by those words, she quickly reorganized and made room at Elgin Hall for displaced crafters who had purchased tables at a canceled event elsewhere. Nicci's can-do attitude is also seen on youtube in an HCTV episode of That's Clever where she merges her artistry with a craft.

Incidentally, on a cautionary note, I learned earlier that some crafters are being defrauded by paying for tables at nonexistent fairs. Unfortunately, thieves can also be creative and take advantage of the season in unexpected ways. Nonetheless, I was glad to find all the knitted caps and scarves, decorations, art, jewelry and glitter I expected. The sparkling event had me wishing I had reserved a spot for my Penelope Puddle cards at the fair.

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  1. Craft fairs can be so much fun. It looks like you found a particularly nice one. I really like the art cards!

    Imagine someone taking money from crafters for imaginary fairs! Crafters rarely make enough money for their items as it is.

  2. Sounds like a great time. I love the chicks with their mouths wide open and also the mad creations. All look like such fun to browse through.

  3. Thank you so much for the write up about our show!
    We are so glad you were able to come out and support all of our wonderful vendors.
    They highly appreciated anyone that came by to see their hard work and unique creations.
    The annual show I organize every year will be Nov 10th and 11th in 2012 at Sullivan Hall.
    Hope to see you there... maybe even as a Vendor.

    Keep smiling and creating,
    Nicci (Sullivan Hall Market)

  4. Great tour of your fair!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. I love craft fairs, too, and what a great one this looks like! Beautiful cards!! Marvelous captures for the day and such a great variety! Enjoy your week!


  6. Great photos! Reminder that Christmas is upon us soon. note to self: Do Christmas shopping ASAP!

  7. A great tour of the fair, thanks. There are so many wonderfully talented artisans, thanks for introducing us to some of them.

  8. I enjoy fairs like this. :)So many great things to look at.

  9. "Life is too short to be bashful.” I should’ve realized it when I was younger, but it’s not too late to have adventuresome spirit at any age. I like visiting craft fairs where artists express themselves with their unique creation. I think having a vendor of Penelope Puddle cards is a good idea.

  10. What a lot of amazing art and craft!

  11. Great fun time. Such wonderful creative works. These look good.

  12. I love going to the fairs and festivals this time of year to get ideas, but I never seem to have the time to make the creations myself. - Margy

  13. I was wondering why you weren't there with the Penelope cards, too. Lynette tells me she was so happy to see you. That photo of the seagull chicks will live in my heart forever. When I was a teenager I wanted to see baby seagulls SO much and never did.
    It's hard to believe there are craft fair scammers. What is this world coming to? Baby shower scammers are next, I guess, if anyone can figure out how to do it.
    Luv, K

  14. Fun trip through your lovely craft fair. I agree about those candles -- wouldn't want to have those around little kids, they'd probably try to eat them.

  15. I do think a spot should have been reserved for your whimsically wonderful cards, Penelope. However, in the mean time, I loved the tour to show other fine local artists' work. Everything you chose to display was fun, but of course, I was absolutely taken with the seagull chicks. May they live a long and happy life. I took a look through Simon's web site. Fascinating that he went from computer games to photographer, and what a wealth of talent. i loved the canoes, and as you noted, they did seem to be about to float away.

  16. I love the second, third and last photo of works. Craft fairs are often fun to attend especially with ones camera in tow.


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