Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Penny, Puddles & A Poem

NO NEED TO WAIT for the sun to come out to enjoy a walk in late fall or the coming winter in BC. Wet coastal weather is often a curious mix of sudden sunbeams pouring through clouds, gentle drizzles and heavy windswept showers ... sometimes all within minutes.

No wonder my daughter was compelled to create drawings of a little girl with an umbrella. Her illustrations of Penelope Puddle (affectionately called Penny) and our environment come to mind especially in November.

Many West Coasters grab their umbrellas and venture outdoors undaunted by the soggy season while others huddle indoors. Here is a poem I wrote to inspire those in need of a little incentive to slosh out into the rain:


Raindrops dance at my feet as I squish
Down grassy green lanes, slick silvery streets,
Muddy gray beaches and snow-slushy peaks.

Come out and play, the rain seems to say …

Stinging rain beats my umbrella like a drum.
It rolls down my cozy canopy and hits the ground
Dousing dusty alleyways with its soggy sound.

Come out and play, the rain calls to all …

Tinkling rain chimes down clouded pathways.
Its random rhythm skips along overcast roofs
Tapping on windowpanes as it rapidly moves.

Come out and play, the rain seems to say …

Puddles seep where deserted dreams creep.
Reflections in pools mirror bright inner skies
Of rain-washed adventurers pouring outside.

Come out and play, the rain calls to all …

Copyright by Penelope Puddlisms

Penelope, puddle-strewn paths and my "Rain Call" poem showcase the letter "P" for ABC Wednesday.


  1. Delightful! I love the recurring line and all the various times "come out and play" is P-for-possible!
    I have my flight times, will e-mail you.
    Luv, K

  2. You PULLED in a lot of Pizazz in this post!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. The leaf pictures are beautiful. It is true we have had our share of rain lately. I love the poem "Rain Call', it would convince me to come out and play.

  4. Puddles seep where deserted dreams creep Gorgeous Love the whole poem It feel called to go into the tinkling and tapping rain drops....but the sun shines here:( lol
    the colourful leaves are very nice

  5. What a pleasing take on rain puddles!
    ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Love your photos of the autumn leaves.

  7. Wonderful poem and photographs. I love puddles. They make me think of childhood and it's fun how they can catch reflections.

  8. Loved reading the poem. I didn't realize your daughter drew the first Penelope! Very cool!

  9. I am so homesick for coastal rain! There is nothing quite like falling asleep to its rhythm. Or jumping into the middle of a puddle, over and over, in new rubber boots!

    I love the poem. Rain has always energized me; it would be great to come out and play! xx

  10. Wonderful autum shots, all leaves are so colorful.
    Great poem. Yes, come out and play ...

  11. What a delightful poem! I think the alliteration really works.

    Almost makes me want to go out in the rain!

  12. Hi Penelope,

    I loved the imagery in this poem. The sound of rain on the roof and windows of my childhood home is etched in my mind, and thought " random rhythm" skipping along, and "tapping on windowpanes as it rapidly moves" were perfect portrayals of that long ago soundscape.

  13. Your photos and words charmed me...this is such a lovely time of year with the weather shifting dramatically as you so perfectly described.I've done my fair share of paddling through puddles like Miss P, and continue to do so in spite of the occasional odd look sent my way!

    Have a wonderful weekend...:)

  14. I love the poem and the photography as well. Enjoy a rainy day with a water-proof raincoat under the drumming umbrella, jumping the puddles and splashing the rain drops!


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