Monday, October 31, 2011

Talking Rubbish In My World

A GRASSY FIELD littered with brightly hued leaves is expected this time of year ...

so is this cluster of ghostly white mushrooms buried amid the weeds.

But this trash of plastics, glass bottles and tin cans was a complete surprise when I came by a grassy nook recently to take in the serene scene below.

The picture perfect landscape with the Nicomekl River flowing by deserves more respect. Although I prefer not to engage in cynicism or talk rubbish, I'm afraid writer Mason Cooley might have been right when he said: “Human society sustains itself by transforming nature into garbage.”

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  1. I could not agree more that our planet deserves much more respect! It;s hard for me to believe that people who litter like this find such a mess why do they do it? Beats me!

  2. That's always so sad to see trash in a beautiful place like this. I love the way the colorful leaves look.

  3. Colourful leaves, and then such a contrast with the rubbish. I suppose that happens all over the world now.
    Hope your writing is going well.

  4. Beautiful leaves and mushrooms. It is a shame people can not find the time to clean up after themselves, there was probably a trash can nearby too.
    I have also noticed when I am walking in the woods doggy poh bags leaft at the side of the trail - what is the point of scooping it up if they aren't going to dispose of it in the proper way.

  5. Oh, I do hate to see trash like this!! And our planet does indeed deserve better and more respect! Your leaves and mushrooms are so lovely and such a contrast! I'm amazed here at how many people that walk their dogs when no one else is around, don't bother to pick up the poop -- even though there holders up and down the street that have free poop bags available, all you have to do is pull one out! Yep, beats me, too! Hope you have a good week!


  6. The last photo is symbolical. The beautiful river reflection doesn’t show the whole truth what’s happening in nature. A mirror can’t reflect both the front and te back simultaneously. The truth may be hidden out of sight . I hate leaving trash in such a way. I love your photos of the fallen colored leaves and the mushrooms. Have a happy week, penelope.

  7. It's always sad to see rubbish where beauty should be.

  8. the last picture is like a Thomas Kincaid photo.

    I am just sad when people throw away trash anywhere.

  9. Great shots. Even though garbage, I liked the colorful leaves.

  10. Such wonderful fall shots! Just lovely... apart from the rubbish. Makes me sad to see us abusing the planet like this.

  11. Too true, my friend, too true.
    Love the photos of the leaves. Fabulous colours!
    See you soon.
    Luv, K

  12. Such a lovely place desecrated. Here in South Australia we had an enterprising gentleman start 'Keep Australia Beautiful', once a year people were mobilised to clean up parks and roadsides. As we have thousands of kilometres of roadsides in our state alone, it was a massive task but over the years the idea took hold and now the government has come on board and littering is fines but what is more effective, there is a 10c deposit on all drink cans and bottles. The incentive has worked better than the stick and any cans or bottles still tossed out or car
    windows, get picked up by enterprising scavengers augmenting their pensions. Win - win all round.
    We also have to pay 10c per plastic bag at stores and most people bring their own these days or recycle boxes. Unfortunately the other states have not yet follower our lead although the difference to the environment is massive.

  13. Oh! The contrast! Lovely autumn capture.

  14. Love yours autumn collors!
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  15. litter really P***ES me off!
    still, pretty pics.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  16. I get totally disgusted when I see trash scattered about like in your photo. Ditto to the comments about the colorful leaves

  17. The first photo is beautiful, such a colourful carpet of leaves. The last one is a lovely scenis shot.

    As for the Litter Louts, they need a spell of community service, I wonder if it would wake them up, but I doubt it. We get them passing through our village, leaving the local theme park, and they throw out their trash, cans, polystyrene containers and filthy diapers. It is sickening.

  18. It is so sad to see rubbish in the middle of such a serene nature. But I want to believe in wisdom and consciousness of people.
    Best wishes,

  19. don't you feel angry seeing the rubbish?

    The first photo is like a quilt.


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