Monday, August 8, 2011

Take A Seat In My World

CHAIRS, ROCK SOLID COUCHES and benches bloomed at Art Knapp Plantland. I was at the South Surrey location looking for plants. But I found much more at the store chain formerly operated by Bill Vander Zalm who was also Premier of BC from 1986 to 1991. Vander Zalm came out of retirement recently to fight the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in the Province. Some of his family still run the garden center filled with shrubbery, flowers and garden decor. There was lots to see and surprisingly many places to sit.

This pretty bench along a pathway caught my eye for its simplicity.

Lounging on this curved masterpiece would be fun, I thought, although getting up might be a challenge.

A chair made from wooden slats would feel much warmer than cement.

This painted beauty would brighten any garden.

A stool by a table would look nice on a grassy lawn or a patio.

The lone plastic chair at the garden center seemed humble amid the rest. It was the one I was most tempted to sit in. In fact, the selection was making me feel like the little girl in Goldilocks And The Three Bears. I was not sure what would be the right fit for me.

Perhaps this basic wooden bench would be the best place to sit.

This weighty chunk of genuine stone was a natural beauty.

These light metal chairs also looked welcoming.

A bit of weave in the design added charm to this pristine seat.

I almost missed seeing this bench camouflaged near the golf putting green.

There was billowing cloth covering some of the plant life and artifacts.

This seat was by at a huge cage filled with a variety of birds for viewing.

While chickens were kept inside the wire, this crowing rooster freely roamed.

He was completely calm and posed for several pictures ...

as squawking ducks, seemingly annoyed behind cages, looked on.

There was no end of plants or paths so people needed directions.

Some flowers were a burst of showy colors that drew me to them.

There was, of course, an array of perennials under the store's umbrella.

Part of the grounds were devoted to elaborate miniature trains chugging along to delight both kids and grownups.

I strayed into the evergreen section to discover this gorgeous life-sized statue. It would definitely be too large for my yard.

There were statues and decorative fountains to suit every taste. These metal mushrooms reminded me of umbrellas.

It's hard to believe I didn't purchase a single flower, ornament or chair when I was there last week. But I did walk away with a lot of pictures and the desire to come back to Art Knapp's to see what else I might find among the foliage.

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  1. Penelope, a smile escaped my lips to know you didn’t buy anything while you made yourself busy taking pictures. I myself would be the same wandering around to see such numerous items of the garden. I like to sit with my back against something like wall or someone’s back, so I need a chair rather than a stool. On my wood deck, I have chairs made of wood and my husband keeps them nice with a lick of paint every year. I have Shigaraki pottery stools, but it feels burning in summer and too cold to sit on in winter. Talking of chickens, I was chased after by a hen when I was a child. She ran so fast.

    Well, I thought of and remembered something one after another as if I were there with you. Stay cool and enjoy the week.

  2. Wow, all this at the South Surrey location? I had no idea. It's lovely! And I had to chuckle about you leaving without buying anything...I can well believe it.
    Enjoyed your photos ever so much.
    Well, we're off tomorrow, but I'll try to keep in touch if I can. Hi to all.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. Looks like my kind of garden centre, full of inspiration and photo ops. :) I can see why you might feel like Goldilocks!

  4. What a fantastic nursery. I love the whimsical nature of all the delightful places to sit while chickens and people roam.

  5. Taking the weight off your feet ...
    In many shapes and sizes

  6. all this garden needs are cats to occupy those chairs :)

  7. What a marvelous, beautiful garden and such a great place to wander around -- thanks for taking us with you on this tour! Taking pictures is a great way to keep from spending money one doesn't need to spend!! Thanks for taking us along! Enjoy your week!


  8. Some stuffs are worth photographing rather than taking them to possession. :) Cool captures.

  9. You capture whimsically delightful images wherever you go, Penelope. I love that about your posts. In this one, I felt I wanted to stretch out (or curl out) on that first, shapely bench. And, like stardust, I had to smile knowing that you left without a single purchase. Thanks for another beautiful visit to your world.

  10. That is an incredible store, and a great tour. I'd love to have a couple of those benches in my yard, and a mini-golf hole too!

  11. This is a delightful collection of shots, Penelope...I love all the different benches you captured! It's one of my favourite nurseries to visit as well, and though I do find it hard to leave without at least one tiny plant or a small ceramic bird, I am usually content to take home only photos of the day...:)

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend...:)

  12. Bill van der salm sound like a typical dutch name. What a great nurserie It looks like a complete garden show, so many nice things to see. I would love to buy some stuff there


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