Monday, August 1, 2011

Visiting Granville Island Just For Laughs

IT WAS THE LAST day of the Mom’s The Word: Remixed play in my world. My husband and I went to Granville Island in Vancouver to see the comedy about professional women adjusting as stay-at-home "amateur" moms.

We got there with an hour to spare so had time to soak in the atmosphere on a rare sunny day last weekend in southwest BC. As I write this a week later on BC Day (a statutory holiday that falls on the first Monday in August), it is just starting to feel consistently warm.

Everyone was out and about enjoying the lovely summer weather.

A crow and seagull were getting a bird's eye view of the popular shopping and art district. Granville Island is located in False Creek across from downtown Vancouver's peninsula and under the Granville Street Bridge.

Some people were boating and others were paddling.

My husband (wearing a khaki colored jacket) was happily sitting.

Since it was around lunch time, many were eating, including the seagulls that were eager to pick up the tasty scraps.

Pigeons gathered around the scattered bird seed.

Some children gathered to watch the birds peck at their food ...

while others tried to shoo the feathery creatures away.

Child rearing was the theme of the zany comedy we came to see. The walls of the small newly re-opened 32-year-old Revue Stage rang with laughter. Imperfect parents in the audience related to the stark realities portrayed brilliantly by the comedic actresses. Coping during the changing and often difficult stages of a child's life was funny in hindsight. But the tears I shed at the end were not from laughter but from a sentimental reminder that the love parents feel for their children is no joke.

The words comedy and children showcase the letter "C". Visit ABC Wednesday to see how others showcase letters from A to Z.

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  1. Another lovely day captured by superb photography! I'm so glad you've had some sun...we're still waiting for it in the Cariboo. So unusual for it to rain every single day here, and it has for the last two months. Now it is getting colder again...xx

  2. All the people and birds look enjoying the joys of lovely summer day. The sea, harbor, bridge, excursion boats, skyscrapers... remind me of the port of Kobe, my hometown. I like the image of a crow and seagull on their vantage point and the one in which your husband is. I also like the bridge from different angles. I like a comedy with a mixture of laughter and a hue of touching pathos which makes me get on the verge of tears once or twice. Thank you, Penelope, for sharing such a fun and beautiful day.

  3. I almost feel I was there with you. I remember Granville Island in many of its incarnations, but it looks lovelier now in your photos than it ever did in the old days.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. That sounds like a fun performance. I enjoyed all your shots. Good seeing the children having fun and always love seeing birds about.

  5. Great captures of the event. Yes, I agree the love parents feel for their children is selfless and definitely no joke.

  6. Oh, how fun! What a delightful day you've shared with us! Your photos are marvelous! The very next best thing to being there and sharing the fun! Hope you have a wonderful week, Penelope!


  7. we loved our short visit to granville island in January
    seeing it in summer would be nice

  8. I bet the coedy was truly funny!

    Boy! Vancouver sure looks like a bustling place when the sun comes out. I've heard (on CBC) that the weather has been rather chilly so I'm glad to hear that you are finally enjoying some summer there. :)

  9. We've been spending a lot of time at Granville Island lately, and I loved seeing it through your eyes, Penelope. Beautiful photos! I saw "Mom's the Word" with students a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. End of term duties got in the way of seeing it again, so thanks for bringing some of the emotions it inspired back to mind.

  10. A beautiful part of the country. Great pictures and I'm glad you enjoyed the play. It sounds like a wonderful one.

  11. ahh, vancover, thanks for sharing the pics. I am glad the show had some message to convey.

  12. What a wonderfully touching post! Thank you.

  13. I stayed away from the CROWDS this past weekend and relaxed at home. But it certainly was a beautiful weekend for those who wanted to get out and about.

    abcw team

  14. comedy tonight! song now stuck in my mind - thanks?
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  15. What a nice place. Love the kids watching the birds. I would have loved seeing the theator. I love kids but raising them is the most difficult thing I ever did

  16. Great photos -- a perfect summer's day. But what is it about little boys and pigeons that they can't help but chase them?


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