Monday, July 11, 2011

Treasures Anchored By The Roadside

ONE NEVER KNOWS what will be found by the side of the road in my world. I recently spotted this parked car covered with seashells. There wasn't a spot that did not have a starfish, clamshell or some other abandoned home of a crustacean.

The collection was exquisite, varied and mostly familiar. I wondered if all these pieces were found on BC beaches. Was the collection a mix of shells from someone's travels around the world? Were some store bought locally?

Occasionally a glass bauble was included in the artistic arrangement.

The meticulous design must have taken some time to complete. It captured the interest of all who ventured by.

Also getting my attention is this trashy chest that was sitting by the side of the road in my neighborhood for weeks waiting for someone (anyone) to pick it up. Each time I walked by it, I was reminded of pirate ships, treasure chests and adventure on the high seas.

I was surprised no one had taken it. I’ve seen such discards transformed into shabby chic furniture by antique refinishers and sold for not so shabby prices.

Hmmm ... maybe it could be filled with flowers and sit in a garden? It could also serve as storage for tools or collectibles. I was considering the possibilities when I noticed it was gone one day. Perhaps the seashell artist drove by and hoisted it into the trunk of his car-creation ... to either fill up or cover the tattered container with more castaway gems worth saving.

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  1. I love the car. That is very creative and appealing. I have an old leather chest that was probably my great grandparents. Mine is very large and rounded and I haven't taken good enough care of it. It's not really flat enough for a coffee table. It's a shame I don't use it because the design worked into the leather is beautiful but the bands with brass make it impractical for much beyond storeage. It sits under a work table filled with memorabilia and might end up on the curb if I ever move. The chest you saw made me think of that. Although mine is fancier I think the one you spotted would be easier to convert into something usable because it's flatter.

  2. Fascinating! I can't believe someone glued all those shells onto the car. And to find a trunk beside the road is also amazing. Walking around your neighbourhood with a camera sure sounds like fun!

  3. Wow, walking around the neighbourhood is much more exciting than I thought, although I wouldn't have traded our day with the eagles for any number of things created by humans.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I remember that car was on the front page of the Now or the Peace Arch News on day...maybe a while ago.

    Such patience!

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. That is incredible!! I love the car! Can't imagine how much time and patience that required! And the old trunk is intriguing -- wouldn't it be fun if it could talk! Great post for the day! Hope you have a wonderful week -- and find more treasures like these!!


  6. I love your world. Different too.

  7. Your trashy trunk, Oh please send it to me. It is part of my roots. When I was 4, my Dad came back from England to Borneo with a trunk like that.

    Now, it is nostalgia. When I went to Canada in 1975, I never saw it again, cause Mum and dad went to live in Australia and trash the trunk, It must be the one you photograph. LOL

  8. the car is truly attractive and eye-popping. it must have taken a lot of time and patience into that. it's interesting to find a chest sitting by the roadside. if only it could speak what stories it could tell :-).

  9. What intriguing car and trunk!! The car looks like a modern vehicle of the Sea goddess! .So many different types of shells are put on the car. But it also looks like a moving shell museum.
    Who will open the trunk at first??
    Thank you for posting such intriguing and interesting story. I do love this. Have a great day!

  10. What a fun post! A mobile art installation and a pirate chest, your world certainly is full of wonders. That old suitcase looks like something from the immigrant era that held all the worldly good of some hopeful family.

  11. Wow, the car is really eye-catching! It must be a painstaking art of work started with such numerous collecion of shells. I'm interested in its owner.

    By the suitcase sparking your imagination, and mine, too, how about writing a story? An adventure could start when you open the suitcase. It’s a little disheartening for me to see the old weather-beaten suitcase decaying more and more. Isn’t it illegal to leave such a bulky item on the roadside?

    Thanks for this interesting and fun post with nice photos, Penelope. Happy days ahead!

  12. Great creativity of the car owner. Imagine the effort and time that has gone in to this. The trunk is quite interesting too.

  13. Hmmm... I have a trunk like that. For now, it stores winter blankets. But the day I no longer can find a use for it, I will not put it out in the sun and rain; I'll pass it on to someone who will appreciate its history.

    I love the car! I'll be looking out for it, now.

  14. That car is awesome. I live in NYC and the car wouldn't last long like that in this city- not with bumper to bumper parking!

    Great post!

  15. It's probably infested with bed bugs or something similar :-)
    That baubled car is amazing. Superglued seeing that there are no bare spots.

  16. I must say who ever owns that car is one patient human being. Thanks for sharing. Nice and Interesting post

  17. Beautiful car! It must have taken someone a long time to place all those shells so lovingly on the side of the car. I have some shells I've collected over the years...they may be enough to cover one of my grandson's toy trucks, heh!

    But I LOVE that chest. I would have taken it and made it into a decorative piece in the garden, since it's already been outside for awhile. And then I would contemplate upon all the stories it would be sure to tell...xx

  18. That car is fabulous! I wish it would come and park on my street so I can see it for myself and marvel at it. Not likely though as I'm on the other side of the country. I once saw a double decker bus completely covered with the old style British money. I wonder what inspires people to do that? I'm so glad there are quirky people around that do crazy things like covering cars with shells, of buses with money.

  19. I love these has to admire the patience it took to decorate that!

    And I would definitely not have been able to resist that old's glorious!! As you say, how did it get to be left there untouched for any length of time?! Thats my idea of would have quickly found its way into my trunk...:)

  20. Oh what a great car I love shells We always bring some back from our holiday as in NZ you are never far from a beach. I have never seen them presented like that.
    Love the suitcase as well We had a simular one on our atttack when I was young. Would love to open it to see what's in it.

  21. Very interesting parts of your world - that car is very unique. I can't imagine the time it must have taken to do that (and what it must do to the car's gas mileage).


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