Monday, July 18, 2011

Jumping Over The Borders Of My Mind

IS LIFE A GAME with parameters set by the limits of our thinking? My neighbor’s pet wanted to move on but I stopped to ponder the possibilities on a recent walk. As a child playing hopscotch, it was vital to stay inside the lines and there was a sense of pride when I got to the end without jumping outside the designated area. But chalk fades over time and the joy of getting from here to there seems less important than stepping beyond the boundaries.

I doubt the butterfly that fluttered onto the shrubbery outside my door dreamed it had wings when it slept in its comfy cocoon. But its potential to break free and fly was nonetheless real.

This single poppy appears each spring in my yard but no new poppies sprout from its seeds or scatter to the winds. Although I am always happy to see it return, I marvel at its unrealized potential.

The patter of rain on the leaves makes me wonder if there are as many opportunities as there are drops that remain uncaught. Do infinite possibilities dissolve to come back another day in some other way to slip again through our fingers?

Beliefs can be broadened to bloom like this neighbor's garden, growing beyond the parameters that are set. And like chalk lines on the pavement some borders can be erased, I thought, continuing my inner-talk ...

while the hurried child inside of me wanted to skip philosophizing and get going on my walk.

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  1. Beautifully said, my friend, and beautiful photos of your world. I'm now fascinated by the idea of that one poppy in your yard. How much more wonderful than a field full of them!

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. Great post. The photographs are all so beautiful and I enjoyed your train of thought. I used to love hop scotch both as a child and also with my daughter when she was growing up. I'm never very good at staying within any boundaries though.

  3. How fascinating tht the chalk lines of this hopscotch game got you to thinking such deep thoughts! You write very well!

  4. Beautifully said indeed and such a delightful post and look at your world for the day! It is funny the things that trigger our thoughts, isn't it? Hope you have a lovely week!


  5. A lovely thoughtful post with unlimited possibilities and beautiful photographs.

  6. A thought-provoking post. I'm still trying to figure out the rules of this thing called Life.

  7. Now that you stimulated the playful child inside of me, I think I’ll fly with my long stole waving in the wind and rendezvous in orbit with you, Penelope, flying with your umbrella. (Am I like a loose cannon?)

    On a realistic and serious tone, I think we don’t live up to our potentials. Why? Maybe due to our blindness? Many of us are in the chrysalis state: the soul trapped inside the body.   Our body might be bounded to the ground, while our imagination soars free. By looking up at the sky to see the simple truth, maybe we could fly. 

    See you in the sky!

  8. Beautiful thoughts, so well described with pictures.

  9. What a lovely tour! Starting with hopscotch, one thing leads us to another, and then another・・・・・ and return to the hopscotch with your umbrella. I especially love the single red poppy story. It is only one, so it can represent the infinite number of poppies. Your words about this flower sounds so symbolical.
    Thank you for posting this post. Have a great day!

  10. Beautiful words and beautiful images and wonderful colours. So lovely to visit your blog!

  11. Wonderful post and nice photos too! Sorry I have not been around much to view your blog. I hope it slows down some here soon. So much to do since the move.

  12. A great post, I read it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything.
    Your words mesh well with things I have been thinking of late. Too many of us as we grow older want to stop the world and retreat to what was rather than explore new possibilities.
    I am grateful that there is something in my nature that allows me to embrace change and not fear exploring new options.

  13. This hop scorch must be universal, played all over the world.

  14. Hiya Pen,
    What a delicate post. Like a sorbet between heavier courses, to sharpen and cleanse the palate and take us back a step.

    Strangely, it is exactly the fact that those hopscotch rectangles are fugitive and will disappear with the first rains, which soothes me. I hate seeing the ones in playgrounds that are painted and thus set in stone.

    Know what? I can't remember the rules about kicking the pebble: were we not allowed beyond where the pebble landed? Did we have to kick the pebble whilst hopping on one foot? (This was Europe. Maybe our rules were different).

    It was a long time ago. And I rarely see kids doing it these days.

  15. great post. You don't come along these hopcotch lines anymore. In Holland we always throw in a shoehsine tin and you had to push it forward standing on one leg.
    Love "the wild" garden.

  16. After being away from the computer for a time, I'm catching up! I love hop-scotch and recently played it with my grandson.

    Beautiful thoughts expressed here and this post will have me thinking all day. I also wanted to comment on your bullying story, which I love, and the way you have showcased your products. I have three young grandchildren...and Christmas is never far away. About time I began to think about ordering!


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