Monday, July 25, 2011

Bigfoot Steps Into My World

THIS BIG FOOT was hard to miss when I revisited Water Street in Gastown, Vancouver, recently. The dishes on the counter (top right) give a sense of its size. I’ve not yet stepped inside the Boffi store but have been intrigued by its unique furniture and decor.

Since they don’t sell shoes I wondered why the foot was there other than to get the attention of passersby. I soon realized it was a side table or coffee table. This interesting conversation piece for the livingroom made me think of Bigfoot, (also known as Sasquatch). The hairy creature that is said to leave big footprints behind as it wanders Northwest BC is largely viewed as a myth perpetuated by misinterpreted sightings.

The large beach umbrella with its raggedy edges also caught my eye as I peered through the store glass window. I could easily imagine it fluttering in the sea breeze with me relaxing under its shade. And I could also picture myself sitting in that chair at the right that looked so bouncy.

One of these days I will walk inside those Boffi doors and test out the interesting pieces and dare to turn over a price tag or two. I suspect the cost of some of these items is as hefty as the foot I saw in the window.

I continued on my way with plans to explore the store another day.

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This post will also be linked to ABC Wednesday. The letter “B” is for the Boffi store as well as for Bigfoot.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Jumping Over The Borders Of My Mind

IS LIFE A GAME with parameters set by the limits of our thinking? My neighbor’s pet wanted to move on but I stopped to ponder the possibilities on a recent walk. As a child playing hopscotch, it was vital to stay inside the lines and there was a sense of pride when I got to the end without jumping outside the designated area. But chalk fades over time and the joy of getting from here to there seems less important than stepping beyond the boundaries.

I doubt the butterfly that fluttered onto the shrubbery outside my door dreamed it had wings when it slept in its comfy cocoon. But its potential to break free and fly was nonetheless real.

This single poppy appears each spring in my yard but no new poppies sprout from its seeds or scatter to the winds. Although I am always happy to see it return, I marvel at its unrealized potential.

The patter of rain on the leaves makes me wonder if there are as many opportunities as there are drops that remain uncaught. Do infinite possibilities dissolve to come back another day in some other way to slip again through our fingers?

Beliefs can be broadened to bloom like this neighbor's garden, growing beyond the parameters that are set. And like chalk lines on the pavement some borders can be erased, I thought, continuing my inner-talk ...

while the hurried child inside of me wanted to skip philosophizing and get going on my walk.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Treasures Anchored By The Roadside

ONE NEVER KNOWS what will be found by the side of the road in my world. I recently spotted this parked car covered with seashells. There wasn't a spot that did not have a starfish, clamshell or some other abandoned home of a crustacean.

The collection was exquisite, varied and mostly familiar. I wondered if all these pieces were found on BC beaches. Was the collection a mix of shells from someone's travels around the world? Were some store bought locally?

Occasionally a glass bauble was included in the artistic arrangement.

The meticulous design must have taken some time to complete. It captured the interest of all who ventured by.

Also getting my attention is this trashy chest that was sitting by the side of the road in my neighborhood for weeks waiting for someone (anyone) to pick it up. Each time I walked by it, I was reminded of pirate ships, treasure chests and adventure on the high seas.

I was surprised no one had taken it. I’ve seen such discards transformed into shabby chic furniture by antique refinishers and sold for not so shabby prices.

Hmmm ... maybe it could be filled with flowers and sit in a garden? It could also serve as storage for tools or collectibles. I was considering the possibilities when I noticed it was gone one day. Perhaps the seashell artist drove by and hoisted it into the trunk of his car-creation ... to either fill up or cover the tattered container with more castaway gems worth saving.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Theatre In The Sky

RAIN HELD ITS DRIZZLE and the sun occasionally peeked through as we watched the sky from a front row seat at Kwomais Point Park in Surrey, BC.

My friend Kay from An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel was visiting last week and we were having a picnic. The Monet inspired umbrella over Kay’s head came in handy to protect her from both rain and shine.

We scanned the horizon as if it were a huge stage. A passerby joined us on the bench to see the show.

Soon the performers appeared. The eagles were like dancing specks from a distance but their swoops and twirls were no less spectacular. Sometimes they seemed very close to us as they soared above. We delighted in their movements and I often stopped taking pictures to simply enjoy.

This actor upstaged other eagles when it appeared suddenly from the sidelines as if to scatter the clouds with the beat of its powerful wings.

Some eagles paused on a balcony of branches, observing the audience in the park below. How wonderful it must be to fly, I thought. But although I would remained grounded, Kay lifted off a few days later, not like a bird or with her umbrella like Penelope Puddle, but in a plane back to Alberta after a full and by all accounts very enjoyable visit to BC.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wintry Hug In The Summer

ILLUSTRATIONS OF 2010 Winter Olympic memories submitted by some 200 children from Ray Shepherd Elementary were captured on an eight-panel mural. The drawings were recreated for the South Surrey school wall by local BC artist Elizabeth Hollick. The work was unveiled June of this year.

Skiing, skating snowboarding, mascots, musical events and hockey are just some scenes featured on the southern street side of the building. Each time I drive by and glance at the collage of Olympic history, it brings back warm reminders of when there was considerable heat in the host city of Vancouver.

There were excruciating but mostly golden moments during the games when, ironically, south coastal BC was enjoying one of the mildest winters on record. We were wishing for lots of flakes on the mountains so sporting events could take place. Snow had to be trucked in at one point.

At lower elevations the weather was balmy and thousands of supporters and spectators of goodwill were outdoors enjoying peaceful celebrations. There was competition, of course, but friendly people from all over the world seemed to share one colossal group hug. We were closely connected back then like the multi-panels of winter images attached to the school wall this summer.

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