Monday, June 13, 2011

What's That Buzz In My World?

I NOTICED BLACKBERRY blossoms attracted hungry visitors on my recent walk through Ocean Park in Surrey, BC. This pollen seeking insect hovered at the heart of each small flower for its meal.

By its lean and not too fuzzy body I assumed it was not a bee but a wasp.

There was not a single bug to bother the showy red poppy or the pink.

Its thin petals fluttered like crepe paper in the light spring breeze.

As I often do, I soon discovered the path to Kwomais Point Park.

The sun glowed on evergreen branches by Sandford Hall on the grounds.

There was a rusty tin can near the back door. Although I didn't look inside, I guessed it contained cigarette butts.

I have seen butts in the heavily treed area and wondered if smokers realize it only takes a small spark to set ablaze the highly combustible shrubbery.

I discovered a cut tree along the way that provided spontaneous places to sit.

There were ferns throughout the forest floor.

This yellow flower looked like a wild honeysuckle.

Blossoms decorated some trees.

I reached the point overlooking Boundary Bay and sat under its spell.

This is the bench where my friend Kay from An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel might join me for a picnic when she visits.

I was surrounded by sights and sounds I could not capture. Dragonflies, seagulls, eagles and bees all busily went about their business as I, the awestruck spectator, soaked in their magic.

Postscript: Sadly, while there is serenity in my world at the moment, it is not the case everywhere. I am adding a link to my blogging friend Marja’s site. She writes about her experiences in and around Christchurch, New Zealand, where there was an earthquake aftershock today. The situation remains tense.

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  1. There is a sense of magical serenity in that park. And although there are other people passing through, it doesn't feel crowded.

    Not every park feels like that one does, keep it safe, and beautiful.

    It's very special.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Your world is very beautiful. I was just out photographing bees on the blackberry vines which are all over my yard so I know ours are at different stages. Most of the flowers have given way to berries on mine. The poppies you shot are gorgeous. That's so sad hearing about the earthquake. I'll keep those affected in my thoughts.

  3. Oh, the wild blackberries! And it's true, what Jen said, that park never feels crowded. I'm SO glad it was saved from development.
    See you there, on the bench, very soon. Maybe I'll bring Jasper!
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Thank you for taking us on your walk. I'm jealous that you live so close to the ocean!

    Poppies and wild blackberries are blooming here too. I think the blossoms are very beautiful.

  5. Wonderful shots of the place. The flowers ate colorful and beautiful.

  6. What a lovely look at your world, Penelope! Love the flowers and colors and such a delightful park! I do love wild blackberries! And there is a wonderful feeling of serenity and you've captured it in your photos! Have a lovely week!


  7. beautiful photo's. The insects seem to love it.

  8. what a beautiful and peaceful setting. and such lovely blooms, love the colours and textures. sorry to hear about the earthquake. My thoughts go out to the victims of the disaster.

  9. Your world is gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous. Those berries...bring them on. The poppies broke my heart, they are so beautiful.

  10. Flowers are generous giving butterflies, bees, sweet nectar and all their beauty and scent to others. Every living things look enjoying the springtime. And you, too, Penelope. This is a nice glimpse into your walking course to your favorite place. I smiled to see THAT bench is photographed from different angle. It must be relaxing to sit on the bench and see and listen to the nature colors and sound.

    Sorry about the big aftershock in Christchurch. My thoughts are with them. Soil liquefaction is a big problem and another similar problem was caused by the March 11 earthquake. Hot spring burst forth from the underneath houses and apartments in the area and made buildings unstable, while in other places, the quake damaged, dried up hot springs.

  11. What a lovely place. Serene and relaxing! :)

  12. Nice scenes from your place.
    I hope your friend is safe.

  13. Thanks for your care. That helps a lot hugs. I went back to work today and than life seems normal again. I heard you are on a fault line as well. Take care. Love your pictures. Never seen a pink poppy before.

  14. So much peace and magic in your photos...I envy you your camera. And your creativity, of course!

    What a lovely walk through your world, thank you so much for taking me along!! xx

  15. What a beautiful nature you are surrounded by! I feel as if I could see and listen to dragonflies, seagulls, eagles and bees in front of me. I love especially the last photo
    I get interested in your icon. Umbrella is very impressive!

    I'm sorry to hear about Christchurch earthquake. I can imagine how terrible it is as Japan is the country which has suffered so many earthquakes.
    My pray and thought with them.

  16. This is a beautifully photographed walk through your world, Penelope. Blossoms and ferns and wooded paths to look-out points are cherished BC treasures that could be destroyed very quickly by a smouldering cigarette butt. And, that doesn't even begin to address the other harmful affects of smoking. Cigarettes for me fit into the same category with dishonest politicians, looting hooligans and violence in sports. I just don't get their existence at all.

    I talked last evening with someone who lost her shop in the New Zealand earthquake. My heart goes out to her and to the others who suffer the devastating affects of natural disasters. We do have to appreciate our own serene worlds and do what we can to keep them that way.


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