Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Wanderin' At Crescent Beach

MY HEAD TENDS TO be in the clouds when I explore local areas such as Crescent Beach in Surrey, BC. But that is not often the case for one blogger I met for the first time in person last Wednesday. Susannah from Wanderin' Weeta (With Waterfowl and Weeds), with her constant companion, Laurie, usually keeps her focus closer to the ground.

Susannah is the Sherlock Holmes of the natural world, uncovering the minute details of creatures normally undetected beneath the surface of daily life.

Her signature sandals seemed unscathed as we made our way to investigate the rocky and soggy shore during low tide at Boundary Bay.

There were mysteries to unravel beneath the slippery seaweed tangled along the spongy beach floor.

We sidestepped puddles and pools along our way trying not to trip.

This teeny sea creature at the palm of the hand has a technical name that Susannah would know. But to me (click on photo for detail) it looked like a miniature baby seal coming out of the shell.

Blue skies and cloud reflections played where the water gathered.

We spied a bridge over a moat to a sandcastle abandoned by children.

This monster cat was positioned to pounce.

A giant crab was overseeing rows of clam shells.

The scene reminded me of an army about to defend its kingdom.

With sand digging into our heels and photographs to ponder later, we took a new path in search of refreshment.

Clouds spilled on the wall of one local restaurant.

Along the side of another building ...

big "dinosaur" tree branches crept over the painted cement wall.

We stopped at Sunflower Cafe to find it was about to close for the day.

I peeked in to see Canuck t-shirts were for sale. Little did I know a riot would ensue that evening in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup hockey game.

My greeting cards for sale on the shelf were a little disheveled. It was nice to see they were being looked at now and again amid the jams and teapots.

We went to Esquires Coffee House down the road for tea and treats and chatted about our passions as bloggers and photographers. Thanks to the curious minds and joyful energy of the "Wanderin' Weeta" duo, it was an enriching experience "puddling" on a breezy afternoon at Crescent Beach.

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  1. Fabulous shots! Love those big blue skies.

  2. What a wonderful blogger to spend time with!

  3. It's so good to meet in person the face behind the blog. We are fortunate to have so many bloggers close by.

    Sounds like you had a whale of a time. Funny we were at Crescent Beach the day after you. Went to the community gardens, got some of the same shots as you...LOL.

    Great minds think alike don't you know.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Sounds like so much fun exploring the beach and also town with your blogging friend. Great shots!

  5. You are very awesome, dear lady I enjoyed this walk about. Those clams look ready to march on the first crab to come out.

  6. Isn't it fun to be able to meet up with blogging friends? And what a great time you seem to have had! Your photos are terrific! Hope you have a great week!


  7. I'm next!
    Isn't it wonderful to find out, in person, that bloggers are so much alike? People who look at the world in an attempt to find the good, the beautiful, the fun, the funny, the real.
    Seeing you soon, I remain, your old friend
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
    PS—the sand sculptures made me think of J&J, and of course of Rob when he was young!

  8. What a nice day, Beautiful photos of the sky!

  9. How wonderful you met your other blogger friend. I love your photo's

  10. That looks like an incredible day. I'd love to explore a beach area like that again one day. Great shots!

  11. The crab with its army... that is a good capture. I like the abandoned castle too.
    I am glad you are able o sell your cards. :)

  12. The beach at low tide must be a treasure box for the curious mind and puddling or tip-tippy-toe walking on the slippery rocky and soggy shore would have been exciting for the young at heart. I enjoyed accompanying you. Photos are wonderful, some of them are really interesting, and your narration is enjoyable. So, are you the one wearing red cloth, “aka Penelope”? Thank you for sharing this great excursion.

  13. a wonderful walk around the beach. lovely photos. i enjoy tagging along with you.

  14. I’m glad you asked about the hand, stardust. Susannah has the creature in the palm of her hand. The perspective is distorted so it appears larger than in real life. :)

  15. I would be so wonderful if EVERY business had their plain outside walls painted a beautiful scene. I just brings a smile to your face. Well mine anyway....

  16. There were some spectacular images here, Penelope! Clouds and dinosaurs on walls, lined up clam shells with the giant crab, and the emerging baby seal are ones that stood out for me. Lovely to see, as well, two of my favourite bloggers meeting up. The photo of your beautiful cards (that I have the much appreciated opportunity to enjoy first-hand), obviously not gathering dust, was another of my favourites. . This was a post full of gems that I'll want to go back and savour.

  17. Oh, pleasant, delightful walking on the beach! Following your tour, I felt as if I were a child again. Sand castle, small sea creatures, everything brought me back to good old days. I enjoyed your blog very much. Have a great day.

  18. Hi, Maria,
    A good recap of our day. Thanks for the link! (And for not complaining about us traipsing you across wet seaweed with clean, white shoes!)

    The teeny sea creature is a hermit crab. A relative of "true" crabs, but he lives all alone in a cave (borrowed shell) like a hermit.

    I never thought of those clam shells as an army! Now they make sense.

    It was a fun afternoon, and I'm so glad to have met you. We must do it again sometime.

  19. Looked like you had a delightful time with a fellow blogger. Your cards are beautiful.

  20. What a wonderful day, indeed, shared with a clever blogging friend! And great photos...I particularly like the wide open sky, and the mural painted on the wall is just delightful.

    We were just in the dog park at Blackie Spit on the weekend.It's grand that we're finally getting some beachcombing weather here in the Lower Mainland, isn't it?

    Do have a lovely afternoon...:)

  21. This must have been a wonderful, enriching afternoon for you both. I love Susannah's blog and read it all the time. Fabulous photography, so good to see the beach! xx


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