Sunday, May 1, 2011

Promising Signs On Voting

READY OR NOT it is time to vote in my world. Brochures from various political parties have fully landed on Canadian doorsteps. Voting is a right many take for granted. But recent struggles from around the globe, where people are literally dying to mark a ballot, renewed my appreciation of the privilege.

The electorate seemed unenthusiastic at the start, particularly since the last federal election was fairly recent in 2008. Televised hockey games, Easter holidays and even a royal wedding overseas have redirected our thoughts.

A careful study of policies and the people running for office reveals important distinctions. I went to an all-candidates meeting for the South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale riding where nine locals were representing various parties.

One candidate posed in front of Canada's great maple leaf flag. Hardy Staub is a former Mayor of White Rock and a past Conservative who came out of retirement to run as a Liberal in the election to be held on May 2nd.

In Canada, we vote for the local representative of a federal party and not specifically for the leader who will become Prime Minister should his/her party win. Choices and ideologies can get muddled. Sometimes we vote strategically rather than with our hearts. Sometimes we don't know which way to turn. At this writing I don't know what the outcome will be.

Our current Conservative minority government wants a majority. A balanced cooperative approach, however, where each party with significant votes can have its say has benefits. At a time when policies become blurred, checks and balances are key to upholding true democratic principles. Even in a democratic society rights can slip away if only one view makes all the rules.

Most candidates put their concerns on the line not for self-aggrandizement but to help the country move in a positive direction as they see it. The most noble of intentions can be corrupted, however, especially when a large percentage of the population does not get involved. Fortunately, in contrast to 2008, there has been a 34.5 percent increase in advance voting. This is a promising sign that suggests voting in Canada will increase overall this election.

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  1. Good for Hardy Staub!
    Very intelligent and well-balanced information about the Canadian political process, with great photos, my friend. I wish I had your ability to be unbiased and non-partisan leading up to this particular election, but I can't, this time.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Well done post! I second Kay's comment...I wish I could be as wonderfully non-partisan and unbiased as you are in this post.

    I think for one of the few times in my life, I am looking forward to watching election results. Canada is so involved in voting, this time around. It will be interesting, indeed! xx

  3. I'm glad to hear you voted. Indeed it is a privilege, one that we all need to exercise.

    I'll be watching the results tonight. There will be none posted here until 10pm EDT. At least you don't have to stay up so late to find out the results! :))

  4. Very good description of the present election taking place in our country Canada. Well done!

  5. Wonderful writeup and images on voting.

  6. Hope all goes well with your elections! I'm scared to even think about our next ones! Have a great week! Great post for the day!


  7. Very informative and well analyzed report on Canadian political conditions.

    To be honest, many Japanese are cynical about our central government for its incompetency and lack of strong leadership. For worse, we don't have credible candidates as a nation's leader among politicians despite wonderful business leaders, engineers and diligent workers.

    How nice to see a lovely photo of you with a candidate!

  8. Good post. I, for one, am shocked at the results of all this voting!

  9. Great shot of you and a very interesting and well written post.

  10. Voting is such an important privilege. I find it frustrating how few people really educate themselves about the issues and just vote a straight party line, based on simplistic ideas (or too often with no idea). This was definitely an interesting result.

  11. Nice post on the elections and the importance of all people voting!

  12. I am very late adding my comment to this post, but wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading it. Unlike the others, I was hoping for some hint of how you would vote, because I was having a hard time deciding whether to vote with my head or my heart. In the end, many would say it was with my heart, since I chose the Green Party and Elizabeth May, but to me, it felt like it was also with my head, since no other goal can be achieved unless we first protect our world. Like the others, I loved seeing the picture of you, and what perfect colour coordination in that photo:)


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