Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Brush With Color


  1. Oh, I wanna go home! All those flowers!
    My tulips are up, just the leaves. Irises coming up now, too. No flowers except at my neighbour's house, where I can see tulips blooming up against her south wall. A welcome sight.
    Did I say "sigh"?
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Pretty flowers, but its your illustrations on the side I love! (This is my first visit)

  3. Those are very beautiful tulips. Love all the colors. My yellow tulip beside our mailbox opened up last week. It is so pretty.

  4. I love all the rich and vivid colors in the flowers you captured.

  5. The colours are extremely beautiful!

  6. A striking set of photos, all the colours! Spring has finally sprung here on the West Coast; our cameras will be working overtime from now on...LOL.

    I've just posted a few White Rock pictures you might like. I hope you won't mind that I mentioned you in the post and included a link to your lovely page...:)

    Do have a wonderful weekend...


  7. Oh, how I miss this time of year on the Coast! I was lucky enough to be home in time for Easter and saw many blooms, which lifted my spirits in too many ways to count.

    Lovely, joyful flowers...thanks so much for these photos!

  8. Absolutely beautiful, vibrant pictures, Penelope, and the great thing about all of this rain is that the colourful blooms will continue to flourish for quite some time.

  9. what a beautiful array of colors!


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