Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making Waves In Burnaby

WE HAVE SEEN PLENTY OF CATASTROPHES of biblical proportions recently. But some folk make waves and stir up worries unnecessarily. The recent doomsday predictions I mentioned in my previous post were all over the media but did not materialize. Although I didn't find their message credible, there is always a fleeting thought ... what if it IS true?

Like the water's edge I captured in Burnaby, BC, last week at Metrotown Mall ... it only seemed as if something awful was about to happen.

Heaven knows there are more than enough genuine disasters without the need to invent new ones.

Even if the world as we know it is destined to end, I would rather be surprised about the timing.

I would be much more inclined to worry about my last moments than enjoy them if I knew the details.

Thankfully, misguided predictions are often illusions like the water in my top photo that appears dangerously close to the cars but is actually contained in a harmless basin of bubbling fountains.

You can soak in more sites from around the globe at Watery Wednesday.

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  1. Love the illusion in the first photo.
    We could put off the end of the world as we know it if people would stop putting the planet at risk.
    (By the way, to change the subject, your last photo seems to be running away, into your sidebar.)
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. A bit like life itself. Great entry.

    daily athens

  3. That top shot is very clever!

  4. Hi Penelope! So true! why borrow trouble? There is so much of it in the world. My mother always said kay-sa-rah-sa-rah, what ever will be will be, the futures not ours to see...... and that is so true! Loved your pictures in this post. The water is beautiful. Thank you so much for your comment and visit to my post, I will come to visit often! hugs....

  5. Thanks for explaining that top photo. The water does look like it's about to overtake the cars!


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  6. You are right - I glanced at the first photo, and thought flood!, but then I looked more closely, and could see the water and the cars were separated!

  7. LOve your watery photo's. The first one is so special.

  8. Beautiful illusion! I am glad the prediction was wrong but I never did believe it had merit as we are told no man will know when the end will come.

  9. 'It comes like a thief in the night'
    We have been blessed with the faculty of not giving it a thought before it happens.

    Real brolly time this season :-)
    Not for us though, Haven't seen a drop for months.

  10. Beautiful shots and a thought provoking post.

  11. Love how you took the first shot. Great illusion!

  12. Great pictures Don't like these predictors. My son was terrified for weeks when we had one here in NZ who predicted a third really bad earthquake in Chch It didn't come true either. I had the same I had a little feeling of what if.

  13. You took the first picture at very tricky angle, well done. Are there any doomed-day predictions? Luckily I don't know what they are and can avoid unnecessary worries.

    Natural disaster have repeated since the origin of the earth. Can't be helped. What can we do about man-made disaster? With civilization developed so far, it will be very hard to change its direction, but must be done, otherwise there's no way. I hope people's passion to make the earth better place radiates to the ends of the earth.


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